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Dark Lich Thanatos Pumpkin

Posted on October 31st, 2012 at 7:19 pm by Kassidy Kearey Filed under

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  1. Says:

    Starts are less than 55 percent of what they had been in 2007 throughout England,
    Scotland and Wales (however, Central London is a different story altogether, with prices and new construction climbing).
    It was the worst opening day of a new year for the Dow since 2008.
    In addition, the focus will be on the following: UK (GDP); Eurozone (EC Economic Sentiment, Harmonized
    Index of Consumer Prices); Germany (Ifo Survey, Retail
    Sales); China (nothing); and Japan (Merchandise Trade Balance,
    Retail Sales, CPI, Unemployment, Household Spending, Industrial Production).

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