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Post by Dr. Sheexy » Mon Aug 17, 2009 1:31 pm

Just a dumb idea for a thread, I figure it's probably breaking some rule that we haven't had one of these yet, so here it is.

In this thread talk about what elements you are aligned with, or strong or weak to. I'm talking more physically, we can make another thread to talk about what elements you are like when it comes to how you act etc. if anyone wants to.

So yeah, just make stuff up XD

Water- Weak to
Whenever I go swimming I end up getting sick, and cold weather absolutely kills me. If I have to walk around in the rain I'm usually pretty miserable too.
Fire- Resistant to
Even in 90 degree weather I usually wear long jeans and a hoodie, so heat doesn't really bother me. Also I've started numerous fires and blown up numerous things and haven't gotten burnt yet, so that's gotta be another sign.
Wind- Weak to
I weigh next to nothing, so if there is a strong gust of wind it knocks me around pretty easily, plus wind just annoys the heck out of me by blowing my jacket or my hair all around. Also it keeps knocking the cover off my car which is bad news (also my car can't sit out in the rain... not gonna test setting it on fire to see if it resistes that though XD).
Earth- No affinity
Wood- No affinity
Moon/Metal- No affinity
Light- No affinity
Shadow- Resistant to
I have a much easier time with anything during the night.

So that's it. Came out pretty balanced, two resistances two weaknesses, pretty similar to what most of the baddies in the Mana games from LoM forward are like.

I know it's stupid, but it's kinda fun to think about. XD

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Post by Tsurayu » Mon Aug 17, 2009 1:57 pm

Water- Resistant to:
I love being out in water. Whether it is swimming, or walking out in the rain. Good times.
Fire- Weak to:
I can't stand the heat. I'm uncomfortable when it is in the 70s. Give me Winter all year round and I would be happy.
Wind- No affinity
Earth- No affinity
Wood- Weak to:
I hate nature for the most part. I don't like being in the woods or forests or any of that. Trees are arrogant and I want all birds to die. <.<
Moon/Metal- Resistant to:
Love moonlight. I like being out at night, more calming and relaxing. Guess that kinda goes with Shadow too, but it made sense to pair it with my weakness to Wood. XD
Light- No affinity
Shadow- No affinity
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Post by Quemaqua » Mon Aug 17, 2009 2:04 pm

Haha, that's actually pretty amusing. Hmm...

Water- Absorb!
Is that an option? Haha. I wouldn't say I'm merely resistant to it... I live for it. Any time water is near me I feel instantly better about things, and rain is probably my favorite thing on the planet. I used to regularly go for walks in the rain wearing nothing but shorts and a tank-top (barefoot, a lot of the time) at night in the city I used to live in. It makes me indescribably happy for some reason. I also love fog.

Fire- Weak!
Gah. I can't do it. I roast in the heat. My ancestors all come from cold places, and I associate with Ireland most closely out of the heritage I've been given. Heat and I do not mix in any capacity (though I don't mind working up a sweat during a good workout as long as I can shower soon after to cool off).

Wind- No Affinity
I sort of like the wind, and I sort of hate it. I like the wind mostly because of its association with the sea, but I kind of hate it because my hair is ridiculously long and being in the wind for more than a little while kills it. To death. I'll spend an hour just trying to get the knots out afterward. So I guess it kind of evens out.

Earth- No Affinity
This also evens out. My dad was an amateur paleontologist who spent 10 years writing a biography on Charles Sternberg and his family, and one of my best friends is a geologist. But being out with a bunch of rocks usually means standing in some desert or canyon while the sun destroys me. So... yeah.

Wood- Resistant To
I really like being out in nature, and I guess this qualifies. I'm not a hardcore nature junkie because I'm a city boy, but I love hiking and camping and stuff whenever I actually get the chance.

Moon/Metal- Resistant To
You'll have to explain this one to me. Why are these combined? I'm going with "resistant" because I love the moon, I'm a heavy metal musician, and I assemble/paint miniatures which are most often made out of metal.

Light- Slight Weakness
Daytime isn't my strongest time. I can deal, but it isn't when I shine by any stretch of the imagination... yet at the same time, I find I tend to be able to focus a bit better because I don't have distractions during the day. Like at work. My lunch break is probably my most productive time for studying Japanese. But generally, I'll pass on it and wait for the sun to go down.

Shadow- Slight Resistance
Like Sheexy, I do most things better at night. I come alive more in the evening and usually start to wake up after being tired all day. Also, I don't really sleep much. I go to bed about 1 AM most nights get up around 6 AM.

I guess I'm a little beefier than some with resistances, but that makes sense. I'm kind of a jack-of-all-trades in a lot of ways. Not particularly good at a lot of things, but I also do a lot of things better than many can.

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Post by Kimiko » Mon Aug 17, 2009 2:45 pm

Water - Strong weakness - I hate swimming, and deep water scares me. Rain is okay, but not really fun.
Fire - Slight affinity - I don't like cold at all and can handle heat pretty well. Not too much of it though.
Wind - Slight weakness - Long hair again.
Earth - Neutral
Wood - Strong affinity - Yay for plants. Green is nice. My fingers aren't as green as my mom's or my grandma's though.
Moon - Slight affinity - Moonlight is nice.
Light - Strong affinity - Hmm, sunlight.. It cheers me up.
Shadow - Neutral - I'm not really afraid of the dark, but I don't like scary stuff.

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Post by DeadWolf » Mon Aug 17, 2009 4:00 pm

Water- Weak to
I hate Rain

Fire- Weak to
It has to be like 60f or below for me to live.

Wind- Resistant to
I'm fat.

Earth- No affinity
I don't believe in Al Gore's 'Global Warming' propaganda horse feces but I do believe in not littering.

Wood- Weak to
Trees can burn in hell!

Moon/Metal- Resistant to
I am a wolf and I do love death metal.

Light- Resistant to
I have sun glasses!

Shadow- Resistant to
I seem to work better and do more at night. I solve life's toughest problems at like 2AM. Also gore and creepy stuff doesn't bother me.
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Post by Lucemia » Mon Aug 17, 2009 6:22 pm

Water- Resistant
I absolutely love swimming and my favorite time to walk around outside is in the rain.

Fire- Resistant
While I dislike heat very much I actually love being around campfires.

Wind- Resistant
I love windy severe thunderstorms and I would actually like to see an F5 tornado before I die.

Earth- Resistant
To Quemequa: You know I always wanted to be a Paleontologist and I'm starting to read up on Geology. I wish I was close to somebody in either field like you.

Wood- Resistant
The woods and all its wildlife are frickin' awesome! It's what I live for!

Moon- No affinity.
The Moon's kinda neat. That's about it. But I'm all for stars, nebulae, galaxies, and quasars.

Light- Not sure.
I'm like a lot of others on here where during the day I feel dead but when night comes I'm more alive. But if I actually get busy outside doing something I like daytime alot better. And I dont think that there's anything else that I respect more than the sun(for obvious reasons).

Shadow- Resistant
Now this one is actually involuntary. I actually want to do more during the day but I don't really come alive until night.

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Post by Shuu » Tue Aug 18, 2009 1:44 am

Ha, fun thread!

Water - Weak to
I cannot swim to save my life! I can float maybe, but only for about a minute. My hands also tend to freeze during cold weather (aircon+rain), so I can't work on anything.

Fire - Resistant to
Same as Sheexy--my normal attire consists of pants and a hoodie, and I don't mind heat that much. (Well ok I've complained at times during summer, but not always!) I've also been hit by fireworks once, but no wound. :'D

Wind - Weak to
I've been 90lbs since forever, but for some reason I kind of enjoy holding an umbrella in the middle of rain with strong wind...because I feel light. Haha! Also, put a fan beside me and I will fall asleep in the next 15 minutes or so. Too weak to wind. :(

Earth - No affinity

Wood - No affinity

Moon/Metal - Slight Resistance
I find myself staring at the moon a lot during outings, and during the 1-hour waits I do at the train station while waiting for my dad to pick me up. (Sometimes I miss our car just because I was staring at the moon instead of the road--so just slight resistance? or should this be a weakness? XD)

Light - Weak to
I've never been a morning person! Wake-up time for me is around 10am-12nn. During times when my parents randomly drag me out of the computer/house to eat/walk/family bonding outings, I get a hard time staring at the views outside because they hurt my eyes.

Shadow - Resistant to
My 'day' usually doesn't start until 6pm, and I get more productive at night. When I was working as a game artist, my work time was 9pm-3am. I loved it. XD

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Post by manaman » Tue Aug 18, 2009 6:03 pm

Water- Strong Affinity!
Undine is my favorite of the Seiken Densetsu elementals for a reason. I have a strong attraction to water in all its forms. I love going out in the rain--especially just to let myself get soaked before heading back in and taking a shower. I slosh through puddles, do a lot of water sports and boating, take walks in the fog and by waterfalls and love the sound of flowing water. When I was younger, my mom would often sigh because if I was watering the front porch plants it would take me forever and the end result was dripping water from the ceiling and me all wet from spraying the mister in my face. Even and especially if I had just taken a shower and gotten dressed for the day!

Fire- Neutral
I hate the heat. I'd much rather be cold than hot. I don't care for those cloudless, sunny days. I'd much rather see an interesting sky full of clouds or fog. Nevertheless, I love candles. Some of the strongest spiritual moments in my life has included candles. Morning prayer in a silent church before sunrise . . . a match, a flicker . . . one small light before the church bells ring and the last of the monks find their seats in the dark. . . .

Wind- Slight Affinity
As an extension of my love of rain, I do enjoy a good storm and that includes ones when the wind is whipping around. I feel I stand my ground when the wind kicks in.

Earth- Affinity
I really enjoy mountains and mountain climbing. Stones and rocks are interesting me--especially river rocks that are smooth and worn.

Wood- Strong Affinity
The only thing that comes close to my love of water is my love of forests. It's hard for me to pick water over woods because my ideal location is a misty forest. Forests provide solitude. I was raised with a forest as my backyard. I went to college on a campus that was five hundred acres with a handful of buildings and the rest being forest. Green is my favorite color. Gnome is my second favorite elemental. I want to eventually live in a forest and not see my neighbor.

Moon/Metal- Neutral
I'm not sure I understand these two being connected either, but I will say that while I love the night sky, and I'd much prefer metals over plastics in consumer products, I'd rather be surrounded with nature than possessions.

Light- Affinity
Early morning is my best thinking time though I usually miss it these days when given the chance to stay up late and sleep in. I've done some of my best writing at the crack of dawn.

Shadow- Strong Resistance
I've never liked the darker side of the elemental Shade.

EDIT: In the spirit of Moti's post I'd like to mention that I did think of the Divine when I was writing about light but didn't end up including it before. Light imagery shows up quite a lot in my faith--I'm Roman Catholic. I'm also not sure if my resistance to Shadow appeared to have religious undertones--I intended it that way.
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Post by Abdul_Moti » Wed Aug 19, 2009 7:57 pm

sure this thread is kinda fun.

Water -Absorb
I like water although flood comes by my home every year. I like to soak myself in water whenever I feel dried hard. Although I'll completely frozen when it is combined with wind.

Fire -Absorb
I need heat places to warm up my blood, since my heart problem made me cold almost everyday. Supposed to say I'm cold blooded.

Wind -Absorb
I'm using wind to dodge ones who wants to hit me, combined with the dodge dance, I would get no hit by them. Also used to get away from them. I'd pre

Earth -Weak
Earth usually comes with something hard in your mind. that includes the 'stubbornness'. I dislike it since I'm softhearted and many stubborn ones not ended their life well.

Wood -Neutral
I don't like moss, but somehow I like forest. Such conflict is hard to solve.

Moon/Metal -Absorb
Moon in my belief (Islam) is used as a calendar, in the near moment we'll see "hilal" of Ramadan.
Also provides a soft light when it reflects the Sun's light.
For Metal, I like machines and its relations, such as hear its sound, adjusting its gears and so on.

Light -Absorb
You know some of the light radiations is good for health. So whenever possible, in the morning I expose myself to light. But if you talk about 'the divinity', I like the private moments when praying. Only the Supreme Being and I alone, how calming.

Darkness -Absorb
Many benefits of it are used. I like to lurk in the darkness so my foes can't see me. I can perform things better in the darkness, just like some of our comrades above me. I can also recuperate better, pray better and many more that I can't mention. When it's combined with light, I can use 'Blanc et Noir'.

hmm, seems I absorbed too many elements, huh? Well, that's the truth.

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Post by NightshadeTea » Thu Aug 20, 2009 5:05 am

Water Absorb
My mood and energy always go up when it's raining. Swimming is also incredibly enjoyable. I also have to constantly drink water or I get headaches. >>

Fire Weak
I very strongly dislike strong heat. Warm is okay. It's comforting in a biting cold day. But if the weather gets above 80 degrees F, than I start to suffer. The most layers I wear in winter is a light sweater. A regular sweater on really cold days.

Wind Resistant
I like wind, and it often makes me feel better, but it doesn't quite affect me like Water, Wood, or Moon. I also find it inconvenient much of the time. I like to rid my bike a lot, and I know the troubles of trying to bike against the wind. :T

Earth Resistant.
I like the earth, but not as much as the things that grow out of it. I like being barefoot, so doing it a lot makes walking around with no shoes easier for me than most.

Wood Absorb
Trees are fecking awesome. My mood always increases when there's trees around. I love forests and hiking.

Moon/Metal Absorb/Resistant
Seeing the moon in the sky just makes the day or night that much better. Full moons and little tiny sliver crescents are my absolute favorites. I just feel more energetic during these times.
Metal is fun, and I like the things made with it, but overall I could take it or leave it. It has its strengths and weaknesses.

Light WEAK
I can't go anywhere outside without sunglasses or I get massive headaches and eyes in fire-shooting pain.

Dark Absorb
I much prefer the dark. It isn't painful and I do all of my best work at night. Right now I'm trying to get my sleep schedule back on track for school. I've gone from waking up at 11 or so to waking up at 8. I'm still going to bed around 2-3 am. >>

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Post by Delvar » Thu Aug 20, 2009 6:40 am

Water - Strong Affinity - My mood picks up significantly when it starts to rain, and I've always loved swimming, beaches, fish, etc.
Fire - Strong Affinity - Being close to a bonfire or fireplace brings back a lot of fond memories of camping with my family and friends, and having a wood heater in my childhood home. Also, summer is my favorite season for all the good memories I have of summer, plus, it rains a lot here during summer, and I can spend time at the beach.
Wind - Weakness - I hate the creepy sounds wind can make, and it always makes a mess of my hair.
Earth - Neutral
Wood - Neutral
Moon - Neutral
Light - Weakness - I burn in sunlight very, very easily.
Shadow - Weakness - I get paranoid in the dark, especially when coupled with creepy wind.
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Post by DarthDude » Wed Sep 16, 2009 3:37 pm

What can I say? I like water, usually because I like to cool off in it sometimes.

Fire- Weak
I can't stand heat. This is because any temperature above 80 kills me, sweat is annyoing. :[

Wind-No affinity

I like underground/cave places in games. I won't say Resistant becuase there's really no way to explain it.

Wood-No affinity

I like staring at the moon alot becuase it's intresting. Plus in SD3, Moonlight Forest was one of my favorite places in the game.

Like most people, i've never been a morning person. And sometimes it's hard to wake up in the morning.

Shadow-No affinity

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