I have met so many people online that live around me.

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I have met so many people online that live around me.

Post by nick912012 » Tue Mar 27, 2012 2:19 pm

This is just something odd that keeps happening to me.

Back in 8th grade, I ended up joining a Nintendo DS Clan (White Lightning Clan), and one of the members there ended up living in the same town as mine. I live in a suburb of St. Louis, and we're only about 30,000 population wise, but I thought that was crazy.

I also used to play this game called Ragnarok Online. I played on a private server with no more than 200 active members. One of those people used to live in my town as well, and actually dated one of my sister's good friends.

In my senior year of high school, White Lightning Clan was starting to die, so we merged with another clan. One of these new guys lives about 30 minutes away from me, and we now go to the same college.

I'm on GameFAQs a lot these days, and again, two more instances of this happened here. I used to go on this board where we played a game. The board died but it was still in my favorites. Back in 2008, this random person posted in it claiming the board, and it came up in my favorites, so I posted back. We have been going back and forth since then with just random posts.

About two months ago, he talked about how he went to a St. Louis Rams game, so I naturally told him I was from the area. Turns out he lives about 15 minutes in a bordering city. I told him were I go to college as well. This prompted the most recent case.

I mentioned that I go to Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, and some random guy decided to google GameFAQs and SIUE, and my post came up. He posted that he goes there as well, and he told me where he went to high school at. Turns out that those two people graduated the same year from the same high school and kind of know each other.

Anything interesting like this ever happen to you guys?

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Re: I have met so many people online that live around me.

Post by Dr. Sheexy » Sat Mar 31, 2012 5:02 pm

When I was in Japan back in 2007 I was just hanging around upstairs in my room when my host mom asked me to come down and meet some guys who showed up. They were two Mormon dudes travelling around on bikes talking about Mormon stuff to people I guess, and it turned out they were from Texas, and knew the area my hometown was in.

One time my friend Trey went on a vacation to the Galapagos Islands and found out our 11th grade Physics teacher was staying at the same place he was.

Another time his parents randomly ran into my Aunt in London or so.

Seems my friend Trey has more of those stories than I do. XD

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