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Post by Deques » Sat Mar 17, 2007 9:21 am

today i have been searching for sites that would fit to seikens as affiliates. this might come to a surprise since seikens doesnt had any affiliates before until chocoboheaven accepted my request for affiliation. (i wonder why i dont get any request for affiliation, seikens has been around since 2001)

so far i have found a lot sites that follow a few patterns. those are:
* table layouts - 90% or the sites i have visited are still using tables. the content is supposed to be seperated from the layout. tables are mixed and is bad
* awards - i thought its dead since 2000, but they still exist around
* 200 metres menues - yeah, the site menu is covering all pages in the site. making it 200 metres long, too much scrolling
* affiliation - well, i dont understand the purpose of affiliation. the word seems to have lost its meaning in website affiliation. its more like exchange link, why not call it linkage?
* stupid affiliation rules - "you must have a content, you must have x number of unique hits/day, you must not be a porn site, you must be a square enix site"
* topsites - ten topsite buttons!!!
* own topsites and participating it too - having an own topsite is one thing, but joining it too??
* invisible extreme tracker - an external counter service. displays unique visitors each day, referers and that kind of stuff

Seikens doesnt fit in any of these patterns, except for the affiliation and probably the topsite thing soon. I am glad it is not the case.
My personal goal is to bring quality stuff for the fans, and I havent be able to do this without Sheexy and Kassidy and all those who have contributed to seikens. I am trying to make seikens even bigger and letting more fans discover this site. If I should believe in my own counter we get around 200 unique visitors each day. I want this to be 1000 unique visitors each day, and when we got that much I want 10000. The counter is closing to 50k hits. Thats the next mark for seikens since the counter came online (it was down a few months thought....)
That goal seems to be impossible right now since SD games seems to a series for hardcore fans of the series, and with those new games recently released didnt help the series that much.

Oh, I went quite off topic already.

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