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LoM: The Teardrop Crystal – Super Groupies Merch

Posted on November 28th, 2022 by Dr. Sheexy

Back at it again, Super Groupies has some more limited time Mana Merch on the way. This time, there are nine items spread across three characters for Legend of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal. The deadline to order is December 19th.


Shiloh’s gear has a brown, light blue, and red accented theme going to it, reminiscent of his character design. The watch in particular is the big winner here, though I’m not sure why it only has nine artifacts on it. They’re all the lands related to Jumi Quests of course (and Madora for some reason? the anime I guess), but I feel it’s an odd choice regardless. The interior of the bag and wallet have a very cute design going on, I’d love a set of sheets made from it. Also, fans of the Jumi arc will notice a certain phrase on it, “Tadaima” or “I’m back”, that is sure to pull at your heart strings. Final note, the Li’l cactus charm on the bag and wallet is great.

Links: WatchBagWallet


Elazul’s gear goes for black and dark blue, with just tiny highlights of green and red on it. I feel they missed the mark here a bit, I would not associate black with his character design. The watch does look rather striking, with that little hat thing on it, but the bag and the wallet really don’t say Elazul to me. The interior patterns are just a handful of shattered gems, none even in his color. The wallet shows off the core and green color a bit more, while the bag keeps the core tucked away hidden and has a darker version of the green on the sides.

Links: Watch Bag Wallet


Pearl’s gear is almost completely black and white with a slight tinge of nacre, or mother-of-pearl. The watch has the pattern from the bottom of her dress on it, but is otherwise very plain. The bag and wallet have the same design across them, but now in plain white rather than nacre. The bag in particular has a big boxy feel, which doesn’t match Pearl’s character to me. The interior of the bags are ocean themed, showing off Blackpearl’s conch hammer and some pearls and shells, which is cute but very understated. Finally, a her white pearl core appears on the both the bag and wallet.

Links: Watch Bag Wallet

I gotta say, I feel Pearl got the short end of the stick here, but overall these are lacking compared to the Super Groupies Secret of Mana Merch I posted about last month.
What do you think?

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LoM: The Teardrop Crystal GoodSmile Figures Revealed

Posted on November 26th, 2022 by Dr. Sheexy

At GoodSmile‘s new product exhibition gallery “WonHobby Gallery 2022 AUTUMN” two Legend of Mana Nendoroids were revealed.
They provided an image of a Painted Shiloh and a Prototype Serafina.

They look pretty nice! I hope we get more characters as well, and also maybe some more proportional figures/statues later on.

EDIT: Turns out they’re one step ahead of me. Here are some Pop Up Parade statues that were posted on Twitter.

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LoM: The Teardrop Crystal – Another note from Sandra

Posted on November 25th, 2022 by Dr. Sheexy

We’ve got another note from Sandra in the latest episode? Can you read what it says?

It’s a bit small, but you should be able to make it out using the key:

I’ve got the answer after the break:

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LoM: The Teardrop Crystal Episodes/Gallery Updates

Posted on November 2nd, 2022 by Dr. Sheexy

Just a small note, here on the main page where it’s more visible.
Every week I update the Episodes and Gallery for Legend of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal. It seems they put new episode information out pretty early, so be warned the images/descriptions likely include spoilers!
I also included translations of Li’l Cactus’s diary entries for the episodes. I may tweak them here and there, as it’s pretty punishing to puzzle out precisely what the potted poet is purporting to pen.

Another small thing, I rearranged the site menu on the right side. Legend of Mana seemed to be large enough to support its own listing.

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Decoding Jewel Thief Sandra’s Letter – Legend of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal

Posted on October 22nd, 2022 by Dr. Sheexy

Oh no! Sandra left a secret message, and we have to decode it to figure out what is going on!

Luckily, Li’l Cactus here has the key!

Hey, that’s not a key! That’s the silver pendant from the World of Mana campaign that Children of Mana and Dawn of Mana released under. 
The Mana Sword looks absolutely tarnished, though! It practically turned back into the Rusty Sword at this point.
Take better care of your stuff, Li’l Cactus!

Oh, you have a nice clean one too. That’s cool I guess.
But what does this have to do with Sandra’s note?

Oh, I see! According to the Art of Mana book, the Mana Sword is inscribed with text in the Fa’Diel language. It apparently says “There is love in Mana. There is Mana in love.” very interesting!
Let us take a closer look at that lettering.

Looks like it actually says “Love is in Mana, Mana is in Love”!
We can clearly see the letters A, I, and N repeated a few times within half the phrase. From there, we can make a few assumptions and the letters seem to fall into place nicely.
Say, I wonder if the letters match anything in Sandra’s letter?

We’re getting somewhere! Using what Boyd said, we know she was talking about the Flame of Hope and she must have signed her name, Sandra. Things start to fall into place again!

We’ve got it! How cool is it that they are still using that alphabet over 15 years later?
Keep your eyes open for more text in the anime (Li’l Cactus appears to be using it in the first episode, and Reverend Nouvelle’s book has a lot)!

Here are all the letters we know so far, for your convenience!

And here is Sandra’s note rewritten, just for good measure. Special thanks to Sevon for lending a steady hand for the writing in this post, my chickenscratch would have left us all wondering what was going on.


Mataxia over on The Mana Series Discord reminded me that this was covered in one of the older books! I probably saw this a long time ago, but forgot about it as I don’t have the book on hand anymore. Thanks Mataxia for the image!

Long time Seikens forum member, Kimiko, had a lot of luck figuring out Li’l Cactus’s diary from episode 1 in the comments below!


Kimiko also found that Nouvelle’s book title appears to just be part of the common “Lorem Ipsum” filler text. I kind of expected that, but it’s good to have confirmation! Thanks Kimiko!


Legend of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal Section Opens

Posted on October 20th, 2022 by Dr. Sheexy

Over in the Legend of Mana section of the site, I started up a subsection for The Teardrop Crystal. I am unsure if I will keep it as a subsection or if it will grow to be its own section, but at the moment that is where it can be found.

Right now there are two pages in that section:

Episodes – Here you can find summaries and some images from the current episodes. For the summaries I just translated the official ones found on the anime website. Later on, I hope to have a subpage for each episode where I can go into details on my thoughts and analyses of scenes and characters while also talking about connections to the game.

Songs and Lyrics – I found the official Japanese lyrics for the OP of the anime, Tear of Will, on YouTube, but I couldn’t find any translations, so I went ahead and got an unofficial fan translation going. In addition to that, I got Sevon (webmaster of Polpota Harbor and Essence of SaGa) to transcribe and translate the ED, Song of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal. There were no official lyrics for this available, and you will find it has all new lyrics compared to the Song of Mana used in the game!


Li’l Cactus Coloring Page and Diary Entries

Posted on October 19th, 2022 by Dr. Sheexy

You can color Li’l Cactus if you want.

On the website for the anime, they have Li’l Cactus diary previews for each episode. I’m not going to make a news post for each one. You can check them out here.

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Legend of Mana Anime Releases

Posted on October 8th, 2022 by Dr. Sheexy

Legend of Mana: The Teardrop Crystal has released! I don’t know much about where to watch it, or when I will get around to watching it, but I can’t wait to do so.

That’s about all I have for the anime at the moment, but if you came here for Legend of Mana, consider checking out these Legend of Mana related articles I wrote last year:

Legend of Mana – Aerolite Name Origins
Legend of Mana Merchandise Articles
– Rabites
– Rabite Necklaces
– Zippo Lighters
– Picture Frame
– Lil’ Cactus
– Phone card and Zipper combo ???
– Screwdriver and Battery kit
– Random Remaining Items
– LoM Card Duel

Or maybe head over to the Legend of Mana Card Duel section to learn all about the TCG you may not have known exists!

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Super Groupies Secret of Mana Merch

Posted on October 5th, 2022 by Dr. Sheexy

If you want to represent your love for Secret of Mana, Super Groupies has you covered. Siliconera and 4Gamer posted about this, and I heard about it over on the Mana Series Discord from Agent G.

From now until October 24th, you can pre-order three Secret of Mana items.

The first item is a Watch, going for around $175, that features a beautiful Mana Tree in green and gold with gems for each of the elements. In addition, the dial rotates to display the eight elementals in the order of Lumina, Salamando, Gnome, Sylphid, Shade, Luna, Undine, and Dryad. They are not weekday indicators, obviously since there are eight of them, but instead seem to change throughout the day which is kind of fun.
The second item is a Backpack, for around $120, which only has a little Flammie on display on the outside, but features some beautiful interiors with the game’s box art in the main section and the elementals (with the battle AI grid) in the side pockets. The belt is supposedly sword shaped, I can kind of see it I guess (the bottom zipper is the guard).
The final item is a Wallet, for around $98, again sporting Flammie, but this time with a little drum charm attached. On the interior is a card pocket with a distressed item ring menu, and a handful of pockets sporting the game’s box art again.

Check out the small thumbnails below, and head to the actual pages linked above for even more photos of each item.
What do you think of the items? Going to pick them up? Keep in mind you’ll have to import from Japan for this. These are also made to order, so finding them on the secondary market may be difficult.
I, for one, can’t wait to carry these bad boys around and represent my favorite series in style.

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Legend of Mana Anime – Online Exhibition

Posted on October 5th, 2022 by Dr. Sheexy

Linked over at the main site for the anime, you can find this online exhibition link.
It seems to be a 3D interior of the main character’s house you can walk around and look at animation setting drawings, concept art, and storyboarding materials, but I wouldn’t know! My home computer is nearly 12 years old now and it starts to give up on life when I try to look around. I’m running at around 1fps here when I give it a shot.
I’ll take a look at this stuff once I’m back in the office, and report back here about what’s inside.

Ok, my office computer had no problem with visiting the house. It’s worth a quick peek to see the art, but honestly there isn’t much there.
At least there is a special Li’l Cactus worship room, that’s cool I guess.

I tried for a bit, but couldn’t find a way to get the images out of the app, maybe someone else will have more luck than me. If so, let me know!

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