Who is Yoko Shimomura?

Posted on January 24th, 2007 by Dr. Sheexy
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Yoko Shimomura is the composer of the wonderful music in Legend of Mana.

Unlike Hiroki Kikuta and Koichi Ishii, Yoko Shimomura is a bit easier to find info on!  But for some reason her “Who Is” update is shorter than their stuff… I guess mystery makes for awesome writing.
When she was five years old her parents enrolled her in piano lessons, and as she went through highschool she just played it even more.  She even went off to major in piano playing at a university, and would have been destined to be a Piano Teacher if it weren’t for the fact that she liked videogames.  So just for fun she sent some music to Capcom, and they were all “You’ve got the job!”

So Yoko Shimomura did some work on a Megaman game, or a Streetfighter game here and there until Square picked her up in 1993.  It was during this time that she would do music for games like Super Mario RPG, Live a Live and other RPGs from the company.  She did the music for Parasite Eve in 1998 and then Legend of Mana in 1999.

Her most recent works include the music in Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga as well as the soundtrack to Kingdom Hearts II.

Word on the streets is that she is going to be returning as the composer in Heroes of Mana!

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