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Posted on February 14th, 2007 by Dr. Sheexy
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For Valentine’s Day I am doing a very special “Who Is Wednesday” article!  Not only do you get to read an awesome article, but you get a special piece of music to listen to!
Give Love Its Rightful Time
This is the awesome music from the Mana Fortress in Secret of Mana, it has the word “Love” in its name, so I figured what the heck I’ll upload it.

Today I will discuss the Seiken Densetsu character who has the most love.

Now it could be argued that Gilbert from Legend of Mana is the character who shows the most love in the Seiken Densetsu series, but honestly he is really creepy, and he is also the reason why Legend of Mana was rated to have “Strong Sexual Themes”.  So let us just forget that he ever existed.

Amanda was imprisoned with the Hero in both Final Fantasy Adventure and Sword of Mana, because of this they were very good friends.  When the Hero escaped from Granz Castle he and Amanda were seperated from one another.  Later, after the Hero fell from the airship he would find himself in the care of Amanda.  Aww, how sweet!  But all was not sweet!  Amanda stole the Pendant of Mana from the Hero!  But that story is actually kind of sweet too, she stole it because she thought Devius would turn her brother Lester back to normal  if she gave him the Pendant (Lester got turned into a Parrot).  Awww.  But Devius did not return Lester to Amanda, so she turned to our Hero for help.

Now the Hero and Amanda were awesome friends, so the Hero totally understood why she would steal the Pendant to try to save Lester; she had just escaped from Granz and had not seen him in a long time, and plus she had no idea what the Pendant was.  So they set off on a grand adventure to get the Tears (or Blood in SwoM) from Medusa in order to save Lester.  While fighting Medusa the two did not find any Tears (or Blood), but it turned out that Amanda had been bitten by the Medusa and was turning into a monster.  Not wanting to hurt anyone and still looking to save her brother whom she loved dearly Amanda sacrificed her life.  Since she was now a Medusa her Tears (or Blood) could be used to save Lester.

The Hero tragically cut down his friend.  Her amazingly loving feat would go on to help to save the world though, as her brother Lester played a key role in the Hero’s journey.

Ok, I guess that was a little sad, but seriously, she is probably one of the most loving characters in the series.  Marcie the Robot is too, but I didn’t scan those pictures, maybe next year.  Now that y’all are probably all crying because of how much love Amanda had, we will end our talk about her with something funny:
Whoa! Care to explain what is going on there buddy?

And now a short list of tacky Seiken Densetsu related card ideas for Valentine’s Day:
(Click for an image you could use to make a card!)
Be my Valentine!  I won’t bite!You’re my hero!You’re my Knight in shining armor!Whenever I am with you I am never Marmablue.You make me melt!Bee my Valentine!Be my Valentine, why the shell not?I’ve got everything you need!You stole my heart!I’ve gotta Hand it to you, you are pretty awesome!We would be Purrfect together!Want to go out?  Come on, I’m a Fungi!You’re a blast!I could never Leaf you my love!You rock!I have a fiery passion for you!You are the Light of my life!My love for you is as deep as the oceanWhen the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amoreI might not be tall or handsome, but I am darkYou’re quacktastic

Ok people… those ideas are pretty terrible.  If you seriously use those I am going to have to have a talk with you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Hope you have a lovely day!

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