Bestiary Update – Early Again

Posted on February 2nd, 2007 by Dr. Sheexy
Filed under Bestiary, Seikens

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Sorry for any inconvenience! there be more monsters!

Happy Groundhog Day!  In a strange coincidence, the update for today includes Molebears and Pebblers.  How weird is that?  I’m getting this up early again because I totally forgot I’m going to an Anime Convention this weekend.  You can also find Griffin Hands, Eyes and Crabs in the Bestiary now.  A little update on the sections: all of the SwoM and CoM information can be found in the main summary at the top of the enemy section, and now it mentions what different parts of enemies (claws, oils, etc.) will do if you use them in SD3.

Also, seeing that I’m just picking the enemies I update at random, I’ll take any enemy requests I get.  Just let me know what you want to see on the board, and you can read about it in the next update!

Alright everyone, I’ve gotta go throw a costume together last minute.

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