New layout on its way.

Posted on February 11th, 2007 by Deques
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That’s right. I have been working on a new layout in secret. Been doing so for a few months. But not constantly, the new layout is not that perfect. Only few people know about this and have seen some samples, but all samples are scratch and nobody has seen the new and almost perfect layout.
This new layout will ditch the traditional all-games-in-a-horizontal-below-the-header-menu. The game list will be in a sidebar. The color-theme will be green/blue style, similar to current one. Best difference is probably the layout will be wider than the current one, so yay more stuff in small area!!
I have yet to design it, its not complete but I hope its end to completion. I hope it will be finished before next year.
Previews can be found in the forums. At least it will be

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