Who is Kenji Ito?

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Kenji Ito’s Seiken Densetsu days began in 1991 when he composed the music for Final Fantasy Adventure.  In Secret of Mana he worked on Sound Effect Design.  It would not be until Sword of Mana, the remake of Final Fantasy Adventure, that Kenji Ito would lead the music in the Seiken Densetsu series again.  His track “Rising Sun” has become the main theme for the Seiken Densetsu series recently.  More recently he has done the music for Children of Mana and worked on many tracks in Dawn of Mana.

Besides the Seiken Densetsu series Kenji Ito has taken the SaGa series under his musical wing. His SaGa music adventure started with Final Fantasy Legend II (actually the second SaGa game, similar to how Final Fantasy Adventure is actually a Seiken Densetsu game, but named Final Fantasy) and went through Romancing SaGa 1, 2, 3 and Minstrel’s Song, and SaGa Frontier.  He has done work on many of the Chocobo based games Square-Enix has made.  He feels that his final track for Chocobo Racing is one of his greatest contributions to game music.

Kenji Ito has been working with music since he was very young.  He learned to play the piano at four and was composing music by the age of 10.  He also learned to play Alto Sax and the Clarinet.  Originally he planned to become a singer or songwriter.  Apart from game music Kenji Ito also works with many singers.  In 2001 Kenji Ito left Square Enix to be a freelance artist, and in some strange coincidence he ended up doing the soundtrack for Shadow Hearts II, one of the games in the Koudelka series started by Hiroki Kikuta.  Today Kenji Ito continues to work with Square Enix in music.

For more information on Kenji Ito you can go to his personal website.
Kenji Ito

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