Rabite gets whacked!

Posted on March 12th, 2007 by Dr. Sheexy
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A recent outbreak of mysterious murders have begun taking place around the world.  The most recent attack took place this afternoon in the areas surrounding Pandora and offers the first real break in this spree of murders.

Rabites Joe Johnson and Steve Edwards were out hiking when they were brutally attacked.

Joe is the first monster to have survived these attacks, and offers the first eyewitness account of what happened.

“My buddy Steve and I were just sitting there taking a break, right?  Minding our own business right?  Then all the sudden these red numbers start popping up all over Steve.  I didn’t know what was going on, they were everywhere man!  Everywhere!” Joe the survivor said.

When questioned about what happened next Joe offered these chilling remarks:  “All the sudden there was this magical blue splash, and the next thing I knew there was a treasure chest sitting where my friend used to be.  Then I saw the people who did it.  I didn’t want to get caught so I ran and hid.”   Joe then went on to describe the three culprits of the crime.

The apparent leader of the group is a young man of around 16 to 20 with spikey brown hair.  His two partners consist of a girl of around the same age with long blonde hair and a midget with an orange afro and horns.

“I’ll never forget what they did next… they picked up the chest man, they picked up what was left of Steve and they smashed it on the ground man, they just, they just smashed it man!  They reached inside and grabbed something, I heard them say ‘Alright, candy!” and then they banged this drum and a big dragon came and picked them up.”

Joe is currently staying with his family in Gaia’s Navel.  Services for Steve will be held on Sunday at noon.

If you have any news on the people behind this terrible crime please report it to the Pandoran Area Monster News Society.

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