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Posted on March 29th, 2007 by Dr. Sheexy
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Hey!  It’s me Sheexy!
Are there any Legend of Mana fans here?  Good to hear!  Good to hear!
We’re gonna work on our Legend of Mana recipes here today, so get your best materials and head over to your forge!   Let’s get ready to knock it up a notch!

Alright, for those of you who need some quick money I’ve got the perfect get rich dish for you!
All you need is a hat called “WindCap” and four Clear Feathers!  Temper the Clear Feathers onto your WindCap there and BAM!  You’ve got yourself a 20,000+ Lucre!  Getting the materials for this piece is easy!  Head over to Luon Highway and find a place with Spiny Cones and Stinger Bugs.  The Cones drop the hats and the Bees drop the feathers!  Now we’re cooking!

How about those of you out there who are looking to make yourself look good?
Want to add 20 points to all your stats besides HP?  Look no further!  As long as you’re not making anything out of Maia Lead, which if you don’t have a Wonder Swan you don’t have to worry about, this dish will serve!
I like to start things out with a Dryad Silver piece or any Seed that ain’t Spiny and then follow it up with three Sulfur.  After that is all ready pop in another Dryad Silver, this time make no substitutes or you’ll throw the formula out of whack!  A Needle, two Spiny Seeds and a Poison Fang come next.  To finish it off throw in eight Spiny Seeds!
BAM!  Now we’re cookin’ with gas!

This next one is for all of you pet lovers out there.  Daena didn’t give you the Forbidden Ring?  Don’t worry about it!  We’ll make our own!
Get yourself a ring, any type will do, and stir in the following: one big, small or long seed, it doesn’t really matter; three Sulfurs; another big, small or long seed, again it doesn’t matter which one; toss in an Ear of Wheat and end it with a Moth Ring or Creepy eye, either one will do.
BAM!  Now you and your pet can share experience!  Can you feel the love?

Alright, to wrap things up tonight how about a nice Lucky item?  Luck is hard to come by in Legend of Mana, unless you’ve got a Rabite or a Polter Box running around with you you’re gonna need some, so here is what we do.
Start things off with a Spiny Seed, throw in two Sulfur, a Glow Crystal and then let it come to a boil.  Next we’re gonna add a non-Spiny seed followed by a Poison Fang and two Aura Silver.  Toss in a Lillipod and add any type of meat in until your Luck reaches 20!
I gotta warn you, your stats are gonna take a hit from this dish so you might want to pair it with the +20 stat formula up there on another piece of armor.

Until next time this was Cookin’ with Sheexy and remember, when you’re lookin’ for some cookin’ this is the place to be!

Cooking With Sheexy was typed before a live studio audience.  Or rather, part of it was, but then my roommates got bored and walked away.


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