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Who is Willy?

Posted on March 21st, 2007 by Dr. Sheexy
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WARNING: The following “Whatever Wednesday” feature is extremely biased. Also, most of the negative attitude here is fake. I actually like Sword of Mana a whole lot. I kinda rat on it a lot because it is like a little sibling of the Seiken Densetsu series to me. And who doesn’t like messing with little kids? Am I right? Also, maybe there are some spoilers here.

Who is Willy? Willy is dead to me.

In Final Fantasy Adventure that is all Willy appeared to be at first. When I first played the game I saw him die right off the bat. I thought to myself, “Man, I just started and my best friend already died. That sucks”. I wanted to know about this Willy… why was he dead? why did he know about Mana? So I did some research; I looked in the manual.

“Willy was also a warrior who had entered the Castle Glaive, and was captured by Julius. Even after he was made a slave, he had been secretly investigating Dark Lord’s plans. For the past few days, he had a look of desperation in his eyes.
“Mana is in Danger now … We must let the Knights of Gemma know about it. See Bogard at the Falls. He is a Gemma Knight. He should know what to do.”
The last words Willy spoke before passing away baffled our Hero. But with his invincible spirit, he stood up. He shall avenge Willy …”

Sweet! Willy was a spy! Spies are cool!
But then came Sword of Mana.
The game started out pretty similar to FFA. I was stuck inside a cell and my best friend Willy was there… but wait… why is he alive? Willy started talking and said some pretty funny stuff about eating Rabites and Mushbooms. I said to myself, “Oh, I get it! They’re going to flesh him out a bit so it hurts when he dies here in a second”. The next thing I knew Willy and I were fighting the Jackal… or rather, Willy was walking around randomly… After the battle Willy still wasn’t dead, and he was escaping with me… this kind of confused me. While we were escaping DarkLord caught us… I thought this must be the part where Willy dies…
Willy still didn’t die. In fact, he never died in the game.
In Sword of Mana they reworked Willy to be a guy who could be funny sometimes, but was usually just a little chicken in the storyline. Sure, at the end of the game they used that fact to show how caring he was by forcing him to be courageous while he faced Julius’ shadow, but the Willy in SwoM was nothing like the character I knew from FFA. A dead guy. They completely reworked the character and made him nothing like where he came from.

And that is the story of why Willy is dead to me.

Alright people, Wednesday updates are now going to be “Whatever Wednesdays” and we’ll just have random updates for you about pretty much anything Seiken Densetsu related we can think of. What will the next one be? Keep visiting to find out! (I hear it has something to do with Candy…)

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