Bestiary Overhaul

Posted on April 2nd, 2007 by Dr. Sheexy
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Woo, V3 is up!  Awesome Dekky!

With V3 being up the first new feature you can find is over in the Bestiary!  Now you can click game titles and alphabet letters to better find enemies if you can’t figure out which family they belong to!  Alternatively, it makes a nifty way to sort out enemies if you’re working on a fan project or something.

Also, I updated the Bestiary!  A few fixes here and there, but I’ve also added Undead and Egg families and gave Ghosts an overhaul!

Dekky and I were just kidding about giving up on stuff, so keep checking the site out!  New Bestiary updates are still coming!
Also, Mana Music Monday will be on Tuesday this week because we have so many updates going already, hahaha.

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