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Dawn of Mana English Videos and Screens

Posted on April 10th, 2007 by Kassidy Kearey
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Watch Keldy/Keldric and Faye as they battle their way through the soldiers of Lorimar and listen to the fully dubbed voice-acting this game will don when released May 22nd. You can find several gameplay videos here, courtesy of our friends over at Gamespot.

You will also find there a video interview with Ishii-san about the game, the Panic System, and the reason behind the name being that the game is intended to be the first in the Mana series chronologically, and tells of the origin of the Elemental Spirits and the Mana Tree.

Not only that, but Square-Enix NA has opened its official Dawn of Mana site, with character biographies, story overview and the ever-present Rising Sun track playing in the background.

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