HoM OST Cover Art AND Tracklist Revealed

Posted on April 1st, 2007 by Kassidy Kearey
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The cover art for the Heroes of Mana soundtrack has been revealed.

And so has the tracklist!

Disc 1
01 To the Heroes of Times Before -Opening Theme from HEROES of MANA- 
03 The Premonition Begins 
04 Charge! 
05 Starting the Story 
06 The Beast Kingdom 
07 Army of the Beast King 
08 Tense Movement 
09 Power to Tomorrow 
10 A Moment of Relaxation 
11 Set Up 
12 To the Spirit Unchanged 
13 Black Mirror 
14 Kingdom of the Wind 
15 Legend of an Old Nostalgic Kingdom 
16 Prayer for the Holy Capital 
17 Peeking at the Dream of the Everflowing Sand 
18 Outskirts of the Hot Sand 
19 Hidden Light 
20 Pal, Say the Oath! 
21 Cruelty of Fate 
22 Retreat 
23 Courage with Desire 
24 Dragon Emperor 
25 Summoning the God Beast   
26 In Times of Happiness 
27 Strategy Meeting 

Disc 2
01 Song Playing Ice and Snow 
02 Freezing Beat 
03 To the Heroes of Times Before 
04 Dedicated to King Anaice 
05 The Battle VS. Celestan 
06 Knights of the Wind 
07 Put in the Effort 
08 Endurance 
09 Object of Secrecy 
10 Wings of Soaring Reality 
11 Battle with the God Beast 
12 Sadness 
13 Why Don’t We Have Hope… 
14 Illusionary Fragment 
15 Ring of Revolving Fate 
16 It’s Either Truth or Illusion 
17 Shaking Earth, Time of Fate 
18 The Warriors Struggle to the Bottom   
19 When Traveling to Ruin   
20 Ceasing the Struggle with the Holy Sword 
21 Setting Off to the Darkness 
22 The Legend That Wind Told -Ending Theme from HEROES of MANA-

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