Lester’s Whistle Challenge!

Posted on April 24th, 2007 by Dr. Sheexy
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Are you ready for a CHALLENGE?!

Presenting the first real contest here at Seikens!  Yes, it is a real contest with a prize and everything!  Um… there will be a prize, I promise.  Something good!  Probably a Seiken Densetsu CD or something.

Anyways, to the contest!

Faalstar, Lester and I will be judging the contest.
Anyone can enter!  Just e-mail your entries to Sheexy At Hotmail Dot Com!
Please save your files as .wav if you can!
There will be four rounds:  FFA, SoM, SD3 and LoM.  Each round offers a possible 5 points for a total of 20.  If there is a tie it’ll be resolved through something from DoM.
You must record at least 45 seconds of whistling with no music playing in the background.
Either remember the track or have it playing on headphones.
I have no idea how long it’ll take y’all to get the tracks to us so I am going to give each of the rounds like two weeks to go on.  There will probably be a hiatus while I am in Japan, but don’t worry, we’ll complete this thing!
Lowest scoring game for each individual will be dropped.
I won’t judge entries until I get all of them in.  It’ll be done randomly, I won’t know who submitted which one until after I score them.

First round!

Download — In Search of the Sacred Sword

I love this track.  Just to be fair I uploaded my whistling for you pros to scoff at:

Download — Sheexy’s Shot

Alright people, the track is there, get to recording!
All entries for this round are due APRIL 28!

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