Mana Music Monday – The Curse

Posted on April 16th, 2007 by Dr. Sheexy
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Alright, so here is today’s track fresh off my Secret of Mana soundtrack.

The Oracle / The Curse

This track is sometimes called “The Oracle” but today we are using its other title, “The Curse” because a curse seems to have descended upon the computers of Deques, Kassidy and I.  We are currently fighting the Dark Liches that keep popping up around us.

Ah, the Secret of Mana soundtrack.  I remember when I first got it all those years back.  I was like nine or something.  My mom brought me the package the CD was in and I opened it up and threw it into the stereo in the living room.

I would then force my family to sit through the entire CD.
It was an amazing time.
I had fun anyways.

So yeah, enjoy “The Curse” while we try to fight off ours.

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