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Posted on April 4th, 2007 by Dr. Sheexy
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Ah, the Village People.  No, not the ones that dress up all weird and sing, I’m talking about the normal-everyday people you meet through your adventures in the Seiken Densetsu series.
People like the jerks that kicked you out of Potos Village in Secret of Mana.  People like the sketchy folk in Byzel who run a blackmarket at night.  People like that lady in Secret of Mana who tells you to shut up.  The people who make you do those annoying fetch quests in Sword of Mana.  Yes, those are the people, the ones we are trying to help save the future of.
Those people are jerks.  If only there was something you could do about them…
Well there is!  Sort of!

Bust out Final Fantasy Adventure if you want to exact some revenge on harmless townfolk.  Each villager that is not important to the storyline can be killed!  A word of warning though, they have more HP than you or any enemy could hope to ever have.  Why aren’t these people out fighting monsters?  They can sure take a beating well.
When you finally smash a villager to the point of death you don’t get anything.  Apparently they don’t carry cash.  Instead of letting out a scream as they depart this world they decide they should tell you what they would have said if you would have normally talked to them.
Yes, that information is so important to them that it is the last thing they will say when they die.  That is why it is the only thing they can say.  It is their EVERYTHING.

Remember all that hard work you went through to kill that little villager?  Walk off the screen and come back.  SOMEONE used an Angel Grail or something, cause those little guys are back.

Worthless information?  Yes.  Pointless thing to do?  Yes.  But it is a little known interesting fact about Final Fantasy Adventure.

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