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Posted on May 18th, 2007 by Deques
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From today on it has been 365 days since the Seiken Board have been using punBB as forum system. That means the Board is having it’s first anniverary of using punBB. To celebrate this day, I am going to tell you a story about the Board.

The truth is that the Seikens Board has been around more than a year. For you newcomers who haven’t been here before, the Board has used many other different forum systems. The first system it used was vBulletin 2. It was a decision between me and the previous webmaster to use this board. vB is probably the most known board on the net. Many sites have and are still using it. But due to legal actions we had to immediatly stop using it. We were fast changing the board.

The second board was phpBB2. It didn’t have as much features as vB. But it served it’s purpose well. During the time we used this system some member called Saiyuki became nuisance. He spammed the board and demanded to use another system. The administrators were sick of this member and banned him. But he didn’t give up, so he registered many accounts and continued his spamming galore. The good thing is that he got tired and left, but came back and apologized. That became a circle, he spammed, left and came back. Stupid guy, he left though after a few times. Maybe he is still around, we don’t know.

One thing that made his wish came true was that we really switched to another board system. I don’t know why, but we switched to the board that he actually demanded. This board is one of the better boards available and it got same features as vB. It was Invision Board, the first version. This board was probably the one we used longest. I am not sure, but it probably was, since we used it to version 2.

At the near end of it’s time, the board became dead. Very dead. The activity was probably 1 post per week. I wasn’t even around much then. Sheexy even found out that someone hacked the board and installed spyware codes in the template files. I removed the tags, but we were still scared that this would happen. So we decided to change to another system again.

But we didn’t know to which board. After a few days of research we found one. This board doesn’t have many features as vB and Invision Board. But it has all the basic functions to a board. All we needed is a board that members can start topics and post entries to them. More than that is just too much. The system is punBB. That was a year ago, maybe a few days before the start of this board.

This is the story of the Seikens Board. I may have missed a system, but all these were the boards we used the most. I hope this was an informative Fun Fact Friday. More to come next week.

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