Late Triple M

Posted on May 22nd, 2007 by Kassidy Kearey
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I’m afraid that I let the ball drop on Mana Music Monday, for which I apologize. However, to make up for it, and in conjunction with Wai’s news this week announcing the launch of Heroes of Mana on 14th of August and his coverage on the launch of Dawn of Mana today, we have not one but two tracks to celebrate the continuing expansion of the World of Mana (let’s take advantage of them while we can, guys!), while remembering those golden years passed sat hacking away at Rabites.

Dawn of Mana – Feelings Not Forgotten

You may recognize this track as also being present in the Children of Mana soundtrack, and you would be right, under the title The Desire Not Forgotten.

Heroes of Mana – To the Heroes of Old

This is the version of the song that is used during some of the missions in the game, and is a reprise of the theme played during the introductory FMV for the game.


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