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Posted on May 4th, 2007 by Kassidy Kearey
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A key feature of the Seiken Densetsu series has always been the rich soundtracks bursting with life that composers Ito, Kikuta, Shimomura and others have created for the world of Mana, bringing tears to our eyes when Marcie kicked the bucket, pumping adrenaline through our veins when Thanatos emerged from his decaying body, and soothing our hearts as we gazed out on the landscapes of Fa’Diel.

Have you ever wondered what the name of that track you just heard was, or tried to remember where a particular song played during the game? Maybe you’re looking for a particular album to complete your collection and can’t find it, or are just wondering what it sounds like? Or perhaps you want to find out just who it is slaved through the night to bring you that tune you can’t seem to dislodge from your head?

With those questions in mind we offer you the new Soundtracks section here at, where you will find:
-Official Soundtrack Album track listings, and where they play in the games
-Promotional and Compilation Albums and the tracks they cover
-Details on where you can purchase the CDs or iTunes albums
-Samples of a handful of tracks and the cover artwork
-Biographies of the main composers, their relation to Seiken Densetsu and photos
-Tons of links to composers webpages

So head on over and explore! Incidentally, the artwork on the cover-page is from the mobile game Friends of Mana. And if you see anything that’s broken, or details that need correcting (ie Sword of Mana’s track-listing in-game locations, hint hint), please let me know.

Thanks to Sheexy who helped with immensely with track-locations for LoM (’cause I need to go back and play it) and FFA (’cause my memory is an utter pile of turd at times).

Note: The side-menu is long… I may have to do something about that… I’m leaving it like that for now though, ’cause I’m far too tired out to do any more work this week! Now, where’s me tea and biscuits?

Addendum: Sheexy reports that the Bestiary update will come on Sunday this week. Exams getting in the way and all that.

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