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Danny from the message board wrote out a nice little article about the different character relationships and interactions found in Seiken Densetsu 3. Click the “Read more of this entry” link to check it out.

One of these days I’m going to get a fan section going here on the site where we’ll house a bunch of different articles, fanfics and other fan-related goodies on the site. If you’ve got something you want to share with us head over to the contact page or come and show it to us on the boards! We like fan stuff here at Seikens, so you can probably expect to see your work featured like Danny’s work here, you just have to get it to us!

Thanks Danny!

Duran’s compatibility with:

Angela: Well, his the one that ends up with her so they get along well. In the beginning outside the cave the leads to Wendel, Duran didn’t like Angela because he thought that she was friends with Koren since she’s also from Altena. After hearing her story, she joins him in their quest to deafeat Koren and the Dragon Emeperor then heads with him to Wendel to see the priest og light for help on their quests. She really adores him and he also begins to like her during their quest.

Hawkeye: His friends with Hawk, but gets annoyed sometimes at his jokes when his fooling around. His “charming” attitude to women also bothers Duran as it makes him lose vocus on their quest. Their both serious when they need to be so they get along fine. Duran and Angela first met him in Jad’s jail when he helped them escape together out of Jad.

Lise: Both being loyal and noble, they get along well and become good friends Duran, Angela and Hawkeye met up with her when her kingdom Rolante was being overrun my Beigu (Isabella) and Naverre’s soldiers. They became friends ever since then.

Kevin: Not much between them. Friends, but not much since Kevin isn’t very comfortable away from his beastmen and always near humans. Duran and his party first met him while fighting with Lugar.

Carlie: Since she’s small, Duran is nice to her but he does get annoyed with her when she’s beening stubborn and with holding info from him. Duran was followed into the Cave of Waterfalls to get to Wendel by Carlie. She was saved by Duran and Angela when she almost fell down the waterfall. She refused Duran’s offer for him to take her to Wendel thinking her “grandpa”, the priest of light sent them after her. She’s also refused by Duran to come along and is last seen in Diorre running from the priest of light when she heard the truth about her parents sad death. She also refused to tell Duran at first how to find the Elf village, but told them to follow the red glowing flowers at night after she was attacked by monsters and saved by Duran… yet again.

Angela’s compatibility with:

Duran: She really likes him and tends to make jokes that annoy him sometimes like Hawkeye. She’s not as serious as Hawkeye, but still is during important things so their relationship is good.

Hawkeye: Their great friends since they both share the same charming and joyfull attitudes. Although she’s less serious then Hawkeye since his always thinking of this duty to save Jessica from her cursed necklence.

Lise: They get along fine and are good friends. Lise is a lot more serious then Angela so their friendship doesn’t go to far.

Kevin: Like with all the characters, their friends but not very much because of Kevin’s discomfort towards humans.

Carlie: They both like to joke, but Carlie is the only one who’s less serious then Angela since she’s smallest and Angela the oldest. First met at Cave of Waterfalls and last met at Diorre.

Hawkeye’s compatibility with:

Duran: A great friend of his, although he thinks that Duran is a tad too serious at times. Their both great friends and good fighters. Hawkeye uses more techs and Duran depends more on raw strength with his sword then battle techs and skills.

Angela: Good friends sharing the same attitudes. He trys to get a date with her in Jad’s pub when she enters the bar and gets slapped in the inn by her like all the male characters do.

Lise: If he finds the truth about Jessica being his aunt, this is the girl for him! He helps her in Rolante and always likes to lift up her moods to make her feel better. Hawkeye’s feelings are complicated as his always thinking of Jessica and Lise. He also trys to get a date with her at the Jad pub.

Kevin: Not much, friends and shares the same problem with him as most of the other characters do too.

Carlie: His nice to her since she’s smaller then he is, but their friendship doesn’t go very far with her. He only met her at Diorre since he wasen’t in Duran’s party yet.

Lise’s compatibility with:

Duran: Great friends since they both share the same noble and loyal attitudes.

Angela: Their good friends, but their attitudes are mostly opposite so they remain somewhat close.

Hawkeye: The only guy she likes pretty much. She’s the most likly to become a couple with Hawkeye if he can solve his Jessica issue… Lise liked Hawkeye’s courage when saving Rolante and his words of kindness to her.

Kevin: Friends, but still very distant from each other.

Carlie: She behaves with kindness near young Carlie and corrects her often when she’s fooling around to much.

Kevin’s compatibility with:

Duran: Good friends, they both are very serious. First met at Moon reading Tower. Kevin doesn’t hate or want to hurt humans and that’s why he left the beastmen. However he isn’t comfortable near humans since his away from his fellow beastmen.

Angela: Not much between them, but they are still good friends. He first met her, Duran and Hawkeye at the Moon reading Tower during the battle with Lugar when he got paralyzed and saved by Duran’s party.

Hawkeye: He feels the same as him because both their quests are to help someone close to them (Hawkeye: Jessica, Kevin: Karl). Hawkeye tries to cheer him up but it never quite works. Good friends, but not great.

Lise: He also gets pretty well with her and has the same feelings as he does with Hawkeye. Their friendship is pretty much the same as he gets along with Hawkeye.

Carlie: Their the same age and the youngest even though Kevin looks more mature and Carlie younger. They are the ones to most likly become a couple as Carlie’s joyfullness rids Kevin’s of his dark and gloomy mood often.

Carlie’s compatibility with:

Duran: Good friends, but gets annoyed that Duran doesn’t take her with him on his quest and talks to her as she is a child (which she is, but doesn’t really admit it at all). She followed him into the Cave of Waterfalls to sneak by after them to Wendel after Duran and Angela deafeated the monsters ahead. She refused Duran’s escort to Wendel after she was saved by him nearly falling down the waterfall after “taking a wrong turn”. She was later refused by Duran to come along on his adventures. Duran said he will also save Heath and she should stay in Wendel, but she refused to stay saying she can save him herself and she doesn’t know why she asked him in the first place. She also meets him again in Diorre and gets left behind by Duran when she said she will follow him after he deafeats all the monsters. She gets left behind though and had to make it to Diorre by herself and runs away after hearing the truth about her father’s and mother’s tragic deaths.

Angela: She likes playing with her, but also doesn’t liked being corrected by her either. She meets her in the same time as Duran and in the exact same places as she was with him all the same times they met. She prefers Angela over Duran since she’s nicer to her then the “big meanie” Duran as Carlie calls him.

Hawkeye: Same as with Angela, but Hawkeye is a little more serious and corrective then Angela so she’s slightly less friends with him then with Angela. She only meets with him in Diorre since he wasen’t with Duran and Angela during the time they met at the Cave of Waterfalls and Wendel.

Lise: Kind of like a big sister as she looks after her and corrects her a lot. She does also play with her a bit though.

Kevin: Her same age couple. Carlie always tries to cheer him up and bring him out of his dark, silent bad mood.

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    Hey, thanks for posting this Sheexy! I didn’t think it would be this good, haha! Although because of my fast typeing at night I didn’t have time to correct it so there’s some minor spelling mistakes like beening – being and his – he’s. Noting big, but I’ve corrected it the topic so you may want to look at that for corrections.