Final Fantasy Adventure Merchandise

Posted on July 27th, 2007 by Dr. Sheexy
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The Final Fantasy Adventure Merchandise section is now up and running here. Check it out to learn about all the awesome and old FFA stuff that are out there for you to collect.

From here on out the Merchandise section pages might take a little longer, because when it came to Legend of Mana, Sword of Mana, Children of Mana and Dawn of Mana Square apparently decided they needed to make lots of goodies for the series.

3 Responses to “Final Fantasy Adventure Merchandise”

  1. Quemaqua Says:

    I shouldn’t have read this. I didn’t know the orchestrated CD was combined with the OST for the other soundtrack. I have both those CDs, but not the strictly orchestrated one… and I thought I owned all the Mana soundtrack CDs! Crap!

  2. Sheexy Says:

    Oh sweet, you have the original SD OST? I’ve been looking for that thing everywhere!

  3. Quemaqua Says:

    I’ve got the SD OST, the SD combined OSV, Secret of Mana’s OST (unfortunately it’s the SM records one… I never found another), Secret of Mana +, the SD3 OST, the Legend of Mana US release promo CD, the Legend of Mana OST, the Sword of Mana Premium Soundtrack (first edition, the only edition which came with an extra disk that had an arranged version of Rising Sun), the Dawn of Mana US preorder bonus disk (which is worth it just because of the neat way they made the disk look), the Dawn of Mana OST, and the Heroes of Mana OST.

    As far as I know that’s basically everything, though I don’t follow this stuff as closely as I could, and I’m sure I could still be missing an item or two. I don’t have the Children of Mana OST because… there isn’t one. @#$*ing iTunes. The decision to put it up on there still boils my blood.