Rabite Wallpapers

Posted on July 15th, 2007 by Kassidy Kearey
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Following the theme of Sheexy’s recent antics with the Plushie Rabites, I thought it was about time to launch these. I’ve been sitting on them for a couple of weeks now.

Taking the design of the abstract Rabite wallpaper over on World of Mana’s official homepage, I decided to make one for each Rabite-family palette from Seiken Densetsu 3, a few custom colour schemes, and also a rather Warholian design (think Marilyn Monroe). More Rabites than you can throw a cat at (which, trust me, I’m tempted to do). More may become available in the future.

So head over to the Rabite Wallpaper page, pick your resolution, and add some Rabite goodness to your desktop (or someone else’s if they’ve been silly enough to leave their computer unlocked).

Note: For those using 1680×1050 screens, for now I’m afraid you’ll have to stretch the 1280×800 one, and those using 1280×800 who want to use the Mosaic will have to stick with the 1280×768 version and have white at top and bottom. Apologies, but can’t rain to the likings of all.

5 Responses to “Rabite Wallpapers”

  1. Sheexy Says:

    I think the blue one looks pretty sweet.

    And also, your little quote about throwing a cat at a Rabite gives me an idea… XD

  2. Kassidy Kearey Says:

    Should I start worrying now about the cat, or wait until later? xD

  3. Sheexy Says:

    I think she’s gonna become a recurring character in my Rabite movies.

  4. Danny Says:

    Somehow that doesn’t sound to good for the Rabites. The posters look nice, the yellow one is my favorite. It gives that classical Rabite feeling.
    I’m kind of in between monitors right now. I can’t seem to figure out which one is better.

  5. manaman Says:

    Hey Kassidy, excellent work. Very nice idea and very fun colors. I’m going to be trying this on my gaming machine, I think. It’s a nice, subtle background which will work well for XP optimized for best performance. Maybe I’ll use the gray Rabite or the mosaic. I may also use the yellow Rabite on my laptop after I get tired of Keldric. 🙂