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Posted on July 4th, 2007 by Dr. Sheexy
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Ok, so today was my last day in Tokyo searching around Akihabara for Seiken Densetsu stuff. Things were rough, there weren’t any Rabites in sight… but nothing would stop me from searching… except I got hungry and had some Cantaloupe flavored icecream which is really really awesome! And also I bought some Godzilla, Shadow of the Colossus, Dragon Ball, etc. souvenirs for my friends.

About that time I entered a really old video game store. There it was! My favorite game!
Seiken Densetsu, the first one!
The box is pretty awesome, inside it has little monsters printed on the tabs, also I got another copy of the game with it. I didn’t find any other Mana related things in Akihabara, so I was kind of saddened. But then, there it was! And if you want to know what the super awesome thing was you’re going to have to keep reading, because I’m fast-forwarding this story to when I went to Brownie Brown.

Brownie Brown’s Mailbox.

That’s actually as far as I got. You have to make an appointment if you want to go up and talk to the people… I kinda should have looked into that more… I really should have looked into that more… But anyways, the people at Brownie Brown are very kind so they allowed my Heroes of Mana guidebook to go inside. And when my Heroes of Mana guide came back outside something amazing had happened!

The President of Brownie Brown and Seiken Densetsu dude, Shin’ichi Kameoka, had signed it and drawn a Rabite in it! Also, he gave me some Lil’ Cactus Amigo stickers! Neat!
And then after that I pretty much headed back to my hotel.

But wait, what was the other super awesome thing I found in Akihabara?
What could be in this box? (Um… I guess it says it right there…)
Why it’s the Sword of Mana in all of it’s solid silver glory!
Or I guess all of it’s 92.5% silverness due to it being Sterling and solid silver being kinda weak… but anyways, I got the Sword of Mana! Or rather, I got a midget Sword of Mana woo! Sorry for the terrible picture quality, this hotel room doesn’t have the best lighting. It is 8cm long (3.1 inches for us customary people, woo, go customary) and 2.7cm wide (1.1 inches). It is also pretty much going to be on my person until the end of time now.

Alright, I’m done showing off.

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  1. Quemaqua Says:

    I hate you, but that’s awesome. I recently picked up the BEST sheet music collection (piano music for FFA, SoM, SD3) which was sweet, and I got the HoM soundtrack. Didn’t get the other stuff I wanted, though, as I’m holding off for the US release of Clover’s awesome Okami art book. And I just bought The Darkness. =(