HoM on Most Wanted List

Posted on August 8th, 2007 by Kassidy Kearey
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Game rental company GameFly have revealed their list of most wanted games for rental last weekend, including games released and not-yet released on all platforms. When it came to the Nintendo DS, Heroes of Mana took the top spot as most wanted game, with its release date still set for the 14th of August, just under a week away.

This puts it ahead of the recently popular Picross, Rune Factory, and long-time favourites Pokémon Diamond and New Super Mario Bros.

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2 Responses to “HoM on Most Wanted List”

  1. manaman Says:

    Well, that certainly is exciting! Congrats, HoM!

  2. Noblewine Says:

    Woot!!! It’s great that is it listed on Gamefly. However I was bummed when I learned that Gamepro gave it a 3/5.