Posted on September 12th, 2007 by Dr. Sheexy
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A nice guy named Klebstoff e-mailed me about a week ago to say the site was awesome, and along in his message he had a link to this, I think it is kinda fun.

If you’ve ever wondered what Kirby would look like if he stole a Rabite’s powers you can find out here!

“Kirbo” is for Kirby and “Puschel” is for Pogopuschel which is the German name for Rabites, it pretty much means “Pogo fluff” which is kinda cool, but personally I think Rabite is the best portmanteau ever. Other good ones include Mushboom, Needlion and Lullabud.

Anyways, I’m pretty lazy today, but maybe I’ll get around to scanning some stuff later.

5 Responses to “Kirbite”

  1. Danny Says:

    Heh, that’s pretty funny! I wouldn’t be surprised to see a new super Mario game with a character like that.

  2. Wai Wong Says:

    Cute little thing 😀

  3. Kassidy Kearey Says:

    Anyone know where the BG tune is from?

  4. Sheexy Says:

    That’s some Kirby music, I think it is from the N64 one, but I know it’s also used in Super Smash Bros. (64 and Melee) in Kirby’s Green Greens tree levels or whatever.

  5. Noblewine Says:

    LOL! Nice