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Posted on September 19th, 2007 by Dr. Sheexy
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Alrighty everyone, I’ve got something special for today’s Whatever Wednesday update! It is something made by me!
Totally awesome!
Way to go!
I’ve got a lot of pictures here for it, so you’re going to need to click the keep reading thing in order to see what I’ve created!

Oh, hey look, I made a sandwich.

It is a pretty good sandwich am I right? Just the right amount of ham there, some good ol’ Mayo. That’s a nice sandwich!
The plate is kind of cool looking too, and my table looks clean, that is surprising!

But this update isn’t about that sandwich… or is it…?

No it isn’t.

Look guys it is a Turtlance Pencil holder that I made in art class like five years ago! Pretty cool right? Look at it there, it can hold neat stuff like chopsticks or pencils!

Hey look! Pearl and Elazul figurines have come to talk to the apparently giant Turtlance, whatever could be wrong? (Also, I didn’t make those little figurines, they come with the Japanese Legend of Mana collectors edition, along with a Jumi Jewelry box!)

Look! The Turtlance’s shell is hollowed out so you can keep things in it! Look at that baby Rabite! (It is a DS screen cleaner!)


So that is pretty much it. I made that out of clay, glazed it, fired it and it didn’t blow up! That is some pretty decent craftmanship I guess! The thing is totally useful, which was the whole point of that project. A Turtlance that holds pencils and other junk is pretty neat I think.

Oh and remember that Sandwich?
Well before I ate it I got a little bored.

I guess the update was about the sandwich after all. What a great way to end this story.
Except it didn’t taste that good, but oh well.

6 Responses to “Made by Sheexy”

  1. Danny Says:

    Whoa, you’ve got some imagination there Sheexy! I never would have thought of making a clay pencil holder turtlelance or a muchbloom sandwich. Haha, this was very humerous!

  2. kaze_no_hogosha Says:

    You’ve got good craftmanship and a heck of a lot of creativity.

  3. manaman Says:

    Oh my goodness, that rocks, Sheexy! Seriously! You come up with some pretty wicked awesome stuff! I want a rabite screen cleaner. . . . Where might I get one?

  4. Hocus Pocus Says:

    Finally!!! A turtle who can hold pencils!!! My dream has come true. May the gods walk with you Sheexy.

  5. Kassidy Kearey Says:

    Very creative you are indeed, my friend.

  6. calico Says:

    You have just made my day. ^_^