Mana Music Monday – Halloween!

Posted on October 30th, 2007 by Dr. Sheexy
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Guys Halloween is two days away!

To get everyone in the mood for Halloween I’ve got what is arguably one of the greatest tracks used for an evil castle place. From the final levels of Dawn of Mana comes this piece, Dark Palace by Tsuyoshi Sekito. It sounds exactly like I would imagine a dark palace to sound like, all menacing and mysterious sounding. The voices in the background just make the whole thing sound so amazingly evil.

In other words, I really like this track.


Oh, actually, I’m gonna do two tracks since Halloween is coming up.

This next one is from Secret of Mana, and I really don’t think our Halloween music update would be complete without this one.
Just imagine the zombies dancin’ around to this one. It has always creeped me out a bit. Here is Ceremony by Hiroki Kikuta.


And, just because I’m on a roll, how about Kenji Ito’s Goblin’s Beat from Dawn of Mana? Just imagine this track while you’re going around doing Halloween and getting into mischief. It’s what the Goblins would want.


11 Responses to “Mana Music Monday – Halloween!”

  1. manaman Says:

    Ooooh! I think I shall be playing these on that ghoul-y night! Hey, have you ever dressed up as a Seikens character for Halloween? Anyway, great selections and perfect for putting me in the mood, so to speak. 😉

  2. Sheexy Says:

    This one time I dressed up as Randi for an Anime convention, and I dunno if I ever wanna do that again XD

    I was hoping to make an Armored Man costume this year, but I got lazy.

  3. Danny Says:

    Oh yeah, the time no one knew who you were. It was funny let sad that no one there new of SoM. Man those songs do sound pretty freaky. The one from SoM also used to creep me out when I was small. 🙂

  4. manaman Says:

    Heck, the one from SoM STILL creeps me out! Confession: I always lower the volume of my TV a little and turn on more lights when I’m playing the stages with this music. 😀

  5. calico Says:

    Ceremony is such a favourite! ^_^ So, if not Randi, what -will- you bee for Halloween? I’m actually going to be Carlie from SD3, in Evil Shaman attire! =D I just hope my flail’s still in one piece…. O.o

  6. Sheexy Says:

    Oh wow, an SD3 cosplay!
    Could be get pictures for our gallery?

  7. calico Says:

    Aw, unfortunately, i was not around anyone with a camera. D: But i could send you the silly cosplay pictures from the original costume a couple years ago. Our Kevin as a Death Hand was the best. ^_^

  8. Sheexy Says:

    You mean you had multiple people doing SD3 stuff?!
    Pictures would be awesome!

  9. calico Says:

    We had five! ^^ Everyone except Riesz, actually. And my little brother was supposed to be Booskaboo, except he got too shy and just watched. We even did a skit! It was a lot of fun, and not too bad for only a couple weeks’ worth of planning. =) So, where would i send such things, anyway?

  10. Sheexy Says:

    If you e-mail them to Sheexy (at) hotmail (dot) com that’d be awesome!

  11. calico Says:

    That was a fast reply. ^_^ I shall find them for you! …Somewhere in this mess of files….. O.o