Mana Music Monday – Bejeweled City

Posted on November 27th, 2007 by Dr. Sheexy
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So this is probably gonna seem pretty boring compared to those video music updates we had the rest of the week, but oh well. I’ll put two up.

Here are two good ones from Legend of Mana that are used at the end of the Jumi story.

City of Flickering Destruction – Yoko Shimomura
Those Who Are Shining – Yoko Shimomura

The Jumi storyline was always my favorite of the three main arcs in LoM. These two tracks are basically the same thing, but just a little bit different.

If you’re playing LoM don’t forget that on one of the bottom levels of the Bejeweled city there is a Machine Golem in one of the rooms that you can fight over and over for nice amounts of experience.

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