Shoutbox is closed – Updated!

Posted on November 13th, 2007 by Deques
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Due to the constant flame wars that happened this past days I have decided to close Shoutbox for a day or two to let all visitors to cool down their temper. I am not pointing anyone who lost his/her temper, but the discussion got a bit too intense.

Shoutbox is not meant to bring a discussion in matter of life, politics or anything else. The purpose for it was just random shouts. If you want to discuss anything of what I mentioned or anything else, please register to board and start a new topic. This is why we have a discussion board. Don’t start it in Shoutbox.

One more thing, I am not nazi about this. Shoutbox is not for discussions, only random shouts.

Update: It is back online

7 Responses to “Shoutbox is closed – Updated!”

  1. Ailise Says:

    lol, aren’t you a bit to late in closing it. No one else was talking any more except danny. But he kinda always talk. If you want I can later put some restriction on it, like max 10 messages/day or so.

  2. Wai Wong Says:

    I am always late doing stuff. In the admin board we discussed this a little wheter to close it or not, I said dont close it. But I regret that.
    I think 10 would be enough, but I think Danny himself doesnt post that each day shoutbox.
    I believe the shoutbox needs to be enhanced with lots controls, like no linking, or the a limit on how long a word can be. those links are so damn annoying when they are posted and they arent clickable, so removing them from the shouts would be nice

    I am not telling you to do this, these are just my thoughts on enhancements, since shoutbox is very important to Seikens.

  3. Ailise Says:

    Well, we can talk about this later someday in msn.

    (@wai: Jag har ju flyttat och får inte nätet förrän nästa vecka nån gång. Så fram till dess kan jag bara använda nätet på jobbet. Vilket suger i sig.)

  4. Wai Wong Says:

    Sure 😀
    I wouldn’t be able to do this myself, since I find myself very busy these days. And also I am lazy.

  5. Danny Says:

    I admit talking to much but that time Wai wanted to close the shoutbox, it was because of too much RPing there consisting of Anon, me and Sheexy not just me. I actually posted only once as Cless. They were the rest. And I thought Kassidy said not to point anyone out. I saw my time in the first comment. I never posted any links though so quit blameing me for it all! Kassidy, stop them or something. I apologised already, geez you’re both mean…

  6. Wai Wong Says:

    I never said you posted links, I was talking about other people posting long and annoyings that I want to filter away. I am sorry if you took it that way

  7. Danny Says:

    Oh sorry, I guess that I’m in a paniced mood to see this. I really didn’t mean any harm. I’ve got an idea though. Why don’t you make it so the same name can’t double post/shout? I doubt anyone will try to use different names as they want to know it’s them when they say something. Random spammers are a different story but they’re pretty rare here.