Sword of Mana: A Bad Remake

Posted on November 24th, 2007 by Kassidy Kearey
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I stumbled across an interesting set of blog articles over on a blog called Game Design Reviews which analyse aspects of Sword of Mana that failed to impress and paled against the game it was trying to “take to a new level”. A very interesting read.

Sword of Mana: Do, don’t show

Sword of Mana: World Design

Sword of Mana: Bad Customization

I’m sure at least Sheexy will enjoy these. 😉

6 Responses to “Sword of Mana: A Bad Remake”

  1. Sheexy Says:

    That was a great read. They nailed the stuff the game got wrong perfect.

    They left out the fact that Willy stayed alive though. Haha.

  2. kaze_no_hogosha Says:

    Sheexy, you and your “Willy should die” thing. It cracks me up everytime. I do agree with you. Willy should die. XD

  3. Danny Says:

    SwoM did have some annoying features. Although, I don’t think Willy is one for them. I’m glad he lived in SwoM, the hero suffered enough heart break when Amanda died.

  4. Sheexy Says:

    Yeah at least they kept Amanda dying in it. But Willy was still an annoying feature technically, cause the AI was terrible XD

  5. IrishLuiz Says:

    Awesome text. Now i know why SoM gets me so sick ^^

  6. Duran Says:

    I thought it was an okay game…wasnt the best Mana I’ve played.