New SoM Remix from Darkesword

Posted on February 17th, 2008 by Kassidy Kearey
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New TrackThicket – Darkesword
OC Remix Page. Tracks remixed: Angel’s Fear, Into the Thick of it

Starting with a warm mellow rendition of Angel’s, it moves seamlessly into the ever-famous overworld theme, and gently introduces more and more elements of beat and freestyle, while maintaining a wonderful ethereal feel overall, and playing on the underlying melody to add a personal characteristic touch that Darkesword has such dexterity in pulling off. Toward the end, we move back into a freestyle Angel’s Fear that leads to a perfectly melodic end.

4 Responses to “New SoM Remix from Darkesword”

  1. enslaven00bs Says:

    Is it just me or does the first part of the song sound like it was made with Mario Paint?

  2. Wai Wong Says:

    Maybe the remixer used some sounds from Mario Paint. Its nice track anyway

  3. DarkeSword Says:

    Hey, glad you liked it, but it looks like your MP3 link is wrong. xD

  4. Kassidy Kearey Says:

    Well spotted, error fixed. My deepest apologies.