MMM: Whoops

Posted on March 3rd, 2008 by Dr. Sheexy
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Whoops, no updates in a long time, wasn’t even a music update last week.
Music for this week is “The Fool’s Dance” by Kenji Ito. It’s used for a pretty epic boss fight in Dawn of Mana, and it is probably my favorite Seiken Densetsu track ever.

EDIT: My internet connection is really terrible lately, so I’ve got no way to get this music update going. Whoops. Maybe someone else can get it going.

EDIT2: I can has MMM? Yes, you can. -KK


I dunno what the other webmasters have been up to, but I’ve been real busy with school and some other stuff. Gonna continue to be really busy lately so I dunno how much I can get done.

There will be some kinda interesting news stuff and probably a new section coming up pretty soon for the site. I’ll be posting some cool news things soon which will eventually lead up to that.

I’ve got all the stuff ready for the merchandise section, all the images, all it takes now is a whole bunch of cropping and writing up all the things. The merchandise section will be finished up eventually, sorry for the long time it’s taking. Also the Bestiary overhaul has pretty much gone nowhere. That section is a monster (haha, no that’s not really funny) and I dunno exactly when I’ll muster up the courage to take it further.

So anyways, I know we haven’t done much lately but don’t give up on us yet!

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  1. Noblewine Says:

    Love this BGM. =D