Surprise update?

Posted on March 18th, 2008 at 8:32 pm by Deques Filed under Gallery Updates

Well, I finally have fixed the layout for the gallery. It took like two months for me to get started when it only took half an hour for me to change the layout.

If you find any bug, please tell me.

Is it only me who finds Seikens extremely slow?

3 Responses to “Surprise update?”

  1. SeraphimWings Says:

    Ummm…i dont know if this counts as a Layout bug, but the legend of Mana section won’t show up for me. It just reloads the main page.

    Other than that, layout looks awesome.

  2. Sheexy Says:

    LoM section works fine for me.

    The icons for the sections are the wrong size though for Kassidy’s images.

  3. Sheexy Says:

    Ack, lots of stuff is sorted wrong x_x