MMM – Doujins of Mana

Posted on June 9th, 2008 by Kassidy Kearey
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KassidyThis weekend has seen a lot of updates, in contrast to our recent slow trundle along, thanks to Sheexy’s massive scanning quest and gallery upheave. Head on over to the gallery to check those out. Deques and Ailise meanwhile have been working behind the scenes to make the site run smoother and cleaner, so expect improvements to hit the site soon enough. From my end of things, I’m still working at getting things together for upcoming content. This is taking longer than anticipated due to work mainly, but also, I confess, as a consequence of Apollo Justice needing some help to sort out his clients. And things are only going to get worse on that front, because with Mugen no Frontier in my hands, and Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (remember the one that I promised I wouldn’t play in Japanese so it did’t interfere with covering Heroes of Mana?) about to his the shops, there are only so many hours in the day left!

And thank you for keeping your suggestions coming in with regards to what you want to see. Some of them, funnily enough, are covered in two of the projects that I have running for the site as I type, so hope you enjoy those when they see the light of day.

But, I’ve made a start at least. As part of today’s Mana Music Monday, you’re also getting coverage of some of the more prominent fan-made albums inspired by music from the Seiken Densetsu series. Known as Doujin in Japanese (and not refering to certain manga spin-offs), 5 albums in particular have hit the market in past years that remix or rearrange tracks from the games. Head on over to our Soundtracks section and look under Doujin Albums for tracklists, samples, and where to buy them. I’ll also be elaborating on the reviews a bit more when I get the chance.

And to start you off, this week’s MMM is a complete track from one of those albums; Legend III -Mana- by Lukard, and the track is Battle 1 from Final Fantasy Adventure.


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