Seiken Densetsu 2 coming to VC for Wii!

Posted on August 30th, 2008 by Kassidy Kearey
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KassidyNext month, for the cost of 800 Wii points (8 USD), Wii users in Japan will be able to purchase Seiken Densetsu 2 (also known as Secret of Mana) on the Virtual Console!That said, it has yet to be announced whether this will extend outside Japan, or whether this will mean other Mana titles will make it on to the VC, including Seiken Densetsu 3, which was unseen outside Japan.

We’re yet to know whether there are any enhancements to the game or not. Between Force Unleashed, Megaman 9, and now this, I get the feeling a Wii will soon be wiinging it’s way into my home.

Source – Thanks to Kimiko on the board for pointing us to this!

2 Responses to “Seiken Densetsu 2 coming to VC for Wii!”

  1. Kimiko Says:

    You’re welcome 🙂
    I don’t follow WiiFanboy myself (don’t have a Wii), but someone posted a link on the Iris forum. Yes Squeenix, there are many Mana fans!

  2. manaman Says:

    Wow! This may be just about the most exciting video game related news I’ve heard in a long time. Thanks for pointing this out. I hope this means “Secret of Mana” will see the light of day in North American Virtual Consoles soon. Thanks again!