Triple MMM – NES Style

Posted on August 24th, 2008 by Kassidy Kearey
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Dark LichOK, so sorting through files and messing around with stuff I happened to concoct this piece of madness using a MIDI and a chiptune generator. The result? Well, the theme Sorceror from Secret of Mana (aka the Dark Lich theme) as it would sound like with an slightly boosted NES (so basically, this is using the basic sounds of the NES, but more simultaneous channels that the NES would be able to handle, so it is cheating just a bit).

On the other hand, the sprite you see to the left does fit in with NES specifications… mostly… Number of concurrent colours, and the palette itself match, but I think this is slightly bigger than most sprites you would see on the NES.

So overall, this really is nothing like what the battle would be on the NES if Secret of Mana had been released back then, but you know what? It’s still fun! And you’re getting it early (for once)!


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