Mana Music Tuesday

Posted on September 16th, 2008 by Dr. Sheexy
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Welcome to Seikens’ Mana Music Tuesday! Brought to you by Sheexy with a video brought to him by Kassidy who found it on Youtube. Business here at Seikens is a mysterious thing indeed.

Here is Swivel as performed by a fan NicoNicoDouga. The vocals are made using Vocaloid 2, with the voice of Hatsune Miku.

And in a bizzare chain of events I actually have no idea what this sounds like, I’ve just looked at the pictures.
I don’t have headphones here at school.
So lemme know how it sounds please?

4 Responses to “Mana Music Tuesday”

  1. manaman Says:

    Not bad, I’d say. It’s weird hearing vocals with the song. It could have been cooler if there were actual voices harmonizing, though. When the notes get higher, the voice gets sounding pretty fake. Weird. But good!

  2. Kimiko Says:

    Yeah, the music sounds a little off at times too, like they’re imitating the Golden Road track, but not exactly. The vocals are a nice addition though. About halfway the vocals stop, and the visuals go to I dunno, some other characters.
    Oh well, it’s nice to see that SD3 is still popular, even on NND.

  3. Delafearna Says:

    Got more of these seiken animations =B

    they’re actually good too! =)
    My favorite xD

  4. Wai Wong Says:

    the vocals werent that great in this one, i have heard better vocaloids with hatsune miku