Triple M and SoM on VC NA!

Posted on October 13th, 2008 by Kassidy Kearey
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KassidyThanks to Marini for pointing this out to us on the Forum. Secret of Mana is now available on Virtual Console in the US for the price of 800 Wii points.

Coincidentally, I wanted to post the theme from this game as part of Triple M before I heard of this. Love it when a plan come together.

I love this theme, it truly is one of the greatest themes in videogaming history. And rightly so, it’s soothing, takes emotions to new heights, and encompasses all that the series stands for in one simple melody. Kikuta-san rocks! What really strikes me as bizarre is that I have seen people list this in Top 10’s, but below, wha tI consider to be at least, rather poor excuses for themes such as the Crystal Theme from Final Fantasy. It should be higher up!

I guess I should just be happy it gets on a list at all, considering how overshadowed the series is. Ah well.

Also I feel that THIS should be the main theme for the series, not Rising Sun!

I’ll stop ranting now. Enjoy the music!


3 Responses to “Triple M and SoM on VC NA!”

  1. Duran Says:

    Damn. Posted it before me! T.T

  2. Enslaven00bs Says:

    Square’s just throwing us a bone. They need to give us SD3 already.

  3. manaman Says:

    I agree, this is the best theme of any video game, ever. And when I listen to some of the stuff in new Square-Enix games, I’m saddened by remembering all of SoM’s glory. Maybe there was destined to only ever be one.