Sheexy’s Shopping Channel 3 – Christmas

Posted on December 26th, 2008 by Dr. Sheexy
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– It’s the day after Christmas and for today’s Sheexy’s Shopping Channel we’ve got Mr. Moti and Santa here!

– Hohoho, Merry Christmas!

– So how was this Christmas year for you Santa?

– Well Sheexy, to be honest a lot more people were naughty this year.

– I hear that’s because so many people were hoping to get coal for Christmas. Y’know, clean burning coal?

– …Sheexy, did you steal that joke from the news?

– …no… maybe.

– Hohoho, maybe you should have asked for new material for Christmas this year!

– Shut up.

– Hohoho, I know someone who is getting coal next year.

– Clean burning coal?

– Hoho no.

– Dangit.
Anyways onto shopping, starting off I’m happy to announce the price on this Children of Mana Rabite Screen Cleaner has dropped like ten dollars. Just remember, it’s kind of small for that price. But if you love Rabites you might want to go for it.

– If you love Legend of Mana you’ll love the LoM Ultimania Guide! At 595 pages, you cannot find a more in depth guide for this game. It is all in Japanese, but maybe you can still get some use out of it.

– Err, those are like the only two things worth mentioning today.

– Hohoho, that’s because I bought up all the good deals to deliver to good little boys and girls!

– For more deals check out last week and the week before that’s Shopping Channel updates, as many of those deals are still available.

– Yeah, sorry for the lack of good links, hopefully next week there will be more new stuff listed.

– Merry Christmas!

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