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Posted on December 18th, 2008 by Dr. Sheexy
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– It’s time for the second episode of Sheexy’s Shopping Channel! Christmas is next week, so if you’re still looking for gifts maybe you’ll find something here! It probably won’t ship in time, but late is better than never right? Joining me again is everyone’s favorite salesman, Mr. Moti!

– I couldn’t stop dancing if I tried!

– Unfortunately, Neko won’t be joining us this week because, it turns out he is still a cat. Instead I’ve asked Lil’ Cactus to sit in on today’s installment.

– I’m a cactus.

– I instantly regret asking.
Well then, onto the goods!
The first thing I’d like to talk to you about is the Seiken Densetsu 3 Soundtrack. This beauty comes with three CDs full of all your favorite Seiken Densetsu music! Jump in on this auction and see if you can get it cheap!

– If you are looking for Seiken Densetsu guides full of information, look no further than the Basic SD3 and Advanced SD3 guides. The Basic guide especially is interesting, as it contains many drawings of items, weapons and armor. Check the SD3 Merchandise section to find images and more information. For one day only they are both on sale for 25% off. This is a deal you must not pass up.

– Keep reading.

-Say, remember those Basic and Advanced SD3 guides that Mr. Moti just talked about? Of course you don’t! You have a short attention span. What are we doing here? Oh right, well there are also Basic and Advanced guides for Secret of Mana! More information on the Secret of Mana Merchandise page. Move fast! These are also 10 or 25% off for a limited time!

-Once I saw Kassidy write a review in the Soundtracks section for this Sanctuary of Mana Doujin CD. Maybe you will like it.

– Copies of issues 4 and 5 of the Legend of Mana manga by Shiro Amano are exceedingly rare and hard to get your hands on for a decent price. Maybe you should try to get your hands on them! Lil’ Cactus, you’re in these comics aren’t you?

– I’m famous.

– And you’re also a jerk for breaking Lisa’s broom.

– …

– We talked about the Children of Mana and Dawn of Mana Art Book on the last installment and this is another copy you might consider picking up. It is more expensive than the last one, so you need to decide how bad you want it.

– Oh, thanks for reminding me Mr. Moti, last time I meant to tell our readers that if they ever need help deciding on if they want to buy an item, they can drop me a line here in the comments to ask for more details or send me a message through the contact page or forum.

Buy it.

– … what?

Did you just advertise terracotta pots on my website?


Well I guess it’s a pretty good deal… the turtle one is pretty cool actually. But don’t do it again!

– Are you ok Sheexy? Do you need a medical herb?

– Nah, I’m cool. Lil’ Cactus just threw off my train of thought there. Terracotta pots? Really?

– I’m still a cactus.

– Stop that.
Readers, are you musically inclined? Then maybe you would enjoy owning the Seiken Densetsu Piano Music Book or the Seiken Densetsu Guitar Tab Book. I know if I could play either of the instruments I would be all over this. And then I would submit my musical creations to the remix section here.

– Are your walls boring? Spruce them up with this Children of Mana Poster. Or this one.

Sword of Mana Poster too.

– Well, that ends this week’s installment of Sheexy’s Shopping Channel. Next Thursday is Chrismas, so we’ll be doing this show on Friday instead. Happy Holidays everyone!

– I just love dancing!

– Bye bye.

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  1. Lucemia Says:

    I can’t believe that Neko is still a cat! And since when is Lil’ Cactus a cactus!?