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Posted on December 11th, 2008 by Dr. Sheexy
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-Welcome to the first installment of Sheexy’s Shopping Channel! I’ll be your host, Mr. Sheexy Moti (thanks to nick912012 for this gif), and helping me out with this update today is everyone’s favorite dancing salesman, Mr. Moti!

– Thanks for having me Sheexy!

– Neko the travelling merchant also decided to stop by today and help us out, thanks Neko!

– I am a cat.

– Haha, that you are my friend! That you are.

Ok, onto the update! From now on, every Thursday or when a really rare item pops up, I’ll be featuring some hand-picked auctions from eBay for you to check out! Each of my reccomendations will be for merchandise that I think is worth getting, and I’ll let you know just how much I think should be paid for it, and tell you a little about what to expect from the product. If you’re ever out searching for merchandise on your own, don’t forget to check out the Merchandise section where you can find similar information.

– Sheexy, you are one awesome salesman. Caring for the customer is my number one priority.

– I prefer to rip them off… but to each their own I guess.

– Oh Neko, you silly cat you. Anyway, onto the shopping!

The first product I’d like to introduce you to is this wonderful Sword of Mana 4 Panel Comic Book. Be quick if you want this, it’s ending really soon! Personally I think this is worth the money. Even though it’s all in Japanese, anyone can enjoy the many comics inside poking fun at that game you know, and maybe love, Sword of Mana.
– This comic book is about six by four inches and has 115 pages. Nearly all of them are in black and white, but there are a few colored pages around the middle of the book.

– If that item has got you excited, click the link below to keep reading and find even more deals!

– Our next item on display is rather expensive, but it’s really hard to find and really cute! It’s the Nintendo DS Rabite Screen Cleaner! The price is pretty high, considering this little guy is only about the size of your thumb, but isn’t he just so adorable?
– I would have listed him for twice that price.
– And no one would buy it then. But maybe, if you’re just really aching for a tiny little Rabite with a screen cleaning belly, you’ll buy this product and love it!

– I’d like to introduce our next product, the Dawn of Mana and Children of Mana Artbook. The shipping may seem high, but trust me, this is a heavy book. It is a hardcover book that is ten by seven inches and contains 200 pages of almost solid artwork. There is a lot of Japanese text in the book, but the amount of pictures within vastly outweighs it. The pictures consist of all of the Children of Mana and Dawn of Mana artwork you can imagine, including design documents for all of the characters.

– Trust me folks, you want this book, and you aren’t going to find it cheaper than this unless you go to Japan and pick it up yourself, like I did!

– Have you been searching for the Dawn of Mana Soundtrack but just can’t find it priced decently? Well click on this link and enjoy the cheapest pricing on the four disk soundtrack you can find online. This could be the purrfect gift for that Seiken Densetsu music lover you know.

– Looking for a fun Secret of Mana manual in Japanese? This Secret of Mana Adventure Manual might be perfect for you! Just take a look inside! Picture 1 Picture 2.
– This little manual is about six by four inches and contains 144 pages. On those pages you will find chibified boss battle comic panels, as well as some artwork of the enemies. It’s all in Japanese, but really fun to look at!

-The Legend of Mana Millenium Edition is a rare find at a decent price, and there is a bidding war going on in this one, but maybe you will be lucky enough to win it? You get a Japanese copy of Legend of Mana as well as a Jumi Jewelry Box which plays the theme of Mana when you open it. It also comes with a Pearl and Elazul figurine.

-Well, those are all the deals I’ve rounded up for this exciting installment of Sheexy’s Shopping Channel. Be sure to check back next Thursday to see what new deals have popped up in the world of online auctioning. Don’t forget to check back from time to time as well to see if there are any surprise updates with super rare items listed!
Also, you if you want to search for items on your own, be sure to check these search keywords:
Seiken Densetsu, Secret of Mana, and Legend of Mana.
Typically these searches will bring up the most variety in Seiken Densetsu related merchandise, but searching for the other games might find things as well.
-See you next time, and happy shopping!

-I am still a cat.

5 Responses to “Sheexy’s Shopping Channel 1”

  1. Chris/Toph Says:

    I bought the Dawn/Children Art Book! I’ve been dying for a Mana art book. Thanks for cluing me in to this one!

  2. Tomnet Says:

    Sheexy is still the best 😉

  3. Anise Says:

    ah………… I want the music box so baadly TT-TT

  4. Anise Says:

    I am still a cat? lolX3

  5. nick912012 Says:

    No problem with the gif and all. It’s something I made along time ago.

    Anyways, that was fairly creepy knowing that you had a three way conversation with yourself. Pretty funny yet rather informative. I don’t plan on buying anything as I’ve got some Winter Drumline fees and all to pay. I’m at the highest level of winter drumline, and we travel all over the country. I’m actually going against Japanese people later on in the season though they’re coming here. It’s a shame that I’m taunted with these various things. I’d enjoy having that art book.