Sheexy’s Shopping Channel 4 – New Year’s

Posted on January 1st, 2009 by Dr. Sheexy
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– Hey everybody, Happy New Year’s! Mr. Moti and I are here to bring you the first good deals of 2009! Everyone else said they wanted to take today off, but Mr. Moti and I resolve to never miss a Shopping Channel update this year!

– With 52 more chances to miss an update, that resolution isn’t looking too good!

– Well, thank you for that vote of confidence Mr. Moti.

– Next time speak for yourself when making resolutions for people.

– Ok, what do you want your resolution to be?

– To dance all year!

– That’s been your resolution since 1991 my friend. And remember how you look in Dawn of Mana and Children of Mana? There was no dancing there! There wasn’t even any selling!

– Those were dark times in my life, I’m going back to how it was, back in the good ol’ days!

– You’re a good man.

– You’re still going to fail at your resolution.

– Hey man, c’mon that hurts.
But you know what doesn’t hurt, Mr. Moti?

– What’s that, Sheexy?

– My wallet.
And that’s because I’m always looking for great deals on Seiken Densetsu merchandise, like this Sword of Mana 2 Disc Soundtrack or this Legend of Mana 2 Disc Soundtrack. Both of them are priced at under 20 dollars, with shipping included!

– For more great deals, keep reading!

– You know, I might not sell anything or even dance in the game, but Children of Mana is still a fun game to play on your DS, especially for this price! Move fast though, this auction ends very soon!

Dawn of Mana for Playstation 2 is also worth playing if you’re a Mana fan. It might not have gotten the best reviews, but it’s still pretty fun. The music and atmosphere in the game are simply amazing!

– The music in the game is really amazing, so amazing I suggest you order this Dawn of Mana 4 Disc Soundtrack.

– For Secret of Mana lovers, I’d like you to take a look at this Secret of Mana English Guide or this Secret of Mana Nintendo Power Poster. The guide is kind of fun, it’s pretty good for an English game guide, the only downside is it is all in black and white. The poster is neat for collecting, but I don’t understand why they put that weird red dragon up there.

– Our final item is for serious collectors. This copy of Seiken Densetsu complete with box and manual is very hard to find, and when you do manage to track it down, seeing a price like this is almost unheard of!

– I went all the way to Japan and I was still not able to find even the cartridge for this little price, much less the box and inserts!

Well, that’s all we have this week, be sure to check back next Thursday for another exciting episode of Sheexy’s Shopping channel!

– That is, unless Sheexy decides to default on his resolution!

– Hey man, c’mon.

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