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Posted on January 9th, 2009 by Dr. Sheexy
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– Hey, it’s everyone’s favorite day! Thursday! The day my Shopping Channel update is posted!

– You were just complaining about having to do this update.

– Hey, shut up! Today we’ve got a special guest. A Gremlin. Mr. Gremlin, why are you here today?

– Because you thratened to kill me if I didn’t help out.

– Well then, start helping!

– My, I do love the Sword of Mana Four Panel Comics. I would buy it. Definitely.

– Y’know… you don’t sound very convincing…

– And that is why I am here! For a limited time this comic book is 25% off! Inside you’ll find a plethora of neat comics involving characters and monsters from Sword of Mana. They are all in Japanese, but you can pretty much understand them just by looking at the pictures! The auction is Buy It Now, or you can submit your best offer, who knows, maybe you could get it for even cheaper!

– Oh, the excitement is unbearable. Please keep reading.

– I’m playing through Heroes of Mana right now, and boy it can be difficult sometimes. If you’re having trouble with the game, or you want to help me out, you can buy this English Heroes of Mana Guide. It’s only like three dollars!

– Anyone out there love Children of Mana? If you do, you might love this Japanese Children of Mana Guide! There are also special DS Protectors you can buy, take it away Gremlin!

Ferrik, Tamber, Poppen and Wanderer. I almost cannot contain myself here. It looks like they only fit the old DS though.

– If you need a lot of Legend of Mana Soundtracks for some reason, these ones are decently priced and they have over 10 of them!

– Hooray.

– You did an ok job today Mr. Gremlin. I’m going to be nice and let you announce the most awesome item we have to show off today.

– Oh, how honored I must feel.
Who doesn’t want a Rabite Cellphone Jockey? I would get one for every phone I own.

– Ok, you can go now, thanks for your help.

– I’ll get you back for this Sheexy, you’ll see! You’ll all see!

– You think he means that?

– Probably, but I’m too busy dancing to care!

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