Sheexy’s Shopping Channel 6

Posted on January 15th, 2009 by Dr. Sheexy
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– Wow, it’s already Thursday again? Time flies by when you’re playing videogames on a new laptop. I mean, time flies by when you’re getting a laptop ready for school and updating your site.

– You’ve been playing games. I watched. I was dancing in the shadows.

– Well at least I’m keeping up with my updates right? And dude, that’s creepy. Are you stalking me?

– I was only doing research. A good salesman needs to know what his customers are interested in.

– Ok, then what am I interested in?

– This Heroes of Mana Soundtrack is perfect for you! With amazing music by Yoko Shimomura, it is sure to please you.

– Yeah it’s nice, but I already own it. Didn’t your research include checking the stuff in my room?

– I… I didn’t see your room.

– You couldn’t have missed it, it’s straight left from the catwalk.

– Catwalk?

– Up the stairs?

– Stairs?

– I don’t think you were in my house man. Who were you spying on?

– I… I think I have to go apologize to someone. I’m going to head out early.

– It’s just as well, eBay is pretty lacking in good Seiken Densetsu swag right now, let’s both call it a day. A bunch of the previous items are still around, so check through the Shopping Channel Archives if you want to see more goodies. I’ll keep a look out just in case anything neat pops up, see you next week! Same Sheexy day, same Sheexy’s Shopping Channel!

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