Sheexy’s Shopping Channel 12

Posted on February 26th, 2009 by Dr. Sheexy
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– Hey! None of those auctions that were 15 to 30% off got bought last week! And now those deals are over so the prices are jacked back up! If you were thinking about buying one but didn’t jump at it, you just missed out on a good deal!

– I never miss a good deal.

– I never give a good deal.

– Well, if you held out I might have one deal for you. Secret of Mana Advanced Guidebook. This isn’t the cool one with all the drawings, it’s more of a walkthrough, but hey it’s only 99 cents at the moment!

– That’s pretty much it for this week, unless you really want an English Secret of Mana guide, here are four of them! One. Two. Three. Four.

– That’s it for this week, I guess I’m still doing this on Thursdays instead of Fridays…

– And I guess I’m still a cat.

– I know I’m still dancing! See you next time!

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