MMM- Happy Birthday Willy

Posted on March 23rd, 2009 by Dr. Sheexy
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Willy is dead!

Yes, that’s right. Willy is dead. AT LEAST HE SHOULD BE.

I was looking at the little calendar cards that came with my copy of Sword of Mana that came with the fun Rabite finger puppet and Lil’ Cactus thing, and I realized the calendar had a bunch of holidays written on it in Japanese. It turns out the calendar lists a bunch of character’s birthdays as well as other fun little events, so start looking forward to random updates about characters.

Since it’s Willy’s Birthday today, and since he’s dead, I thought we’d listen to the track it plays when he is dying.

Requiem – Kenji Ito
And since that song isn’t very long or happy I uploaded another happier one to celebrate his birthday.

Second Truth from the End – Hiroki Kikuta

It’s the ending theme to Secret of Mana, such a fun and happy track.

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