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In Jewish culture Purim is a holiday which this year will be celebrated tonight and tomorrow. In Secret of Mana Purim is the female protagonist. I’m not sure why she is named after a Jewish holiday, but since that holiday is here I figure we can celebrate Purim in our own Mana way.

Usually the first time you meet Purim in the game it’s because she is saving your life from Goblins. She’s a strong willed character, and fights for what she believes in. She has run away from home because her father is trying to get her to marry someone she doesn’t love, and she chases after her true love Dyluck for the entire game. She goes through many hardships through the course of the game, but remains strong and a valuable ally with tons of supportive magic.

Purim is an interesting character because instead of being a damsel in distress needing rescue she is the one fighting to do the rescuing.

So, here’s to Purim! A great character from a great game!

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  1. manaman Says:

    Yay! The girl deserves some recognition! Thanks, Sheexy.